Neural Network to Draw Peoples' Faces by Voice

Speech2Face, created by MIT, has been training on the on data from the AVSpeech dataset with short clips, which has a total of a million videos with 100k people
27 May 2019   1096

Scientists from MIT created the ML-model Speech2Face, which generates portrait from the spectrogram of a person’s speech. It recognizes gender, age and, by emphasis, ethnicity.

Real Images of People, Reconstructed Images and Voice-Based Images
Real Images of People, Reconstructed Images and Voice-Based Images

The model is based on data from the AVSpeech kit with short clips. Audio and video tracks in them are pre-divided. A total of a million such files in the collection, among them there are about a hundred thousand people.

Having received a short video at the beginning, one part of the algorithm reworkes a person's face on the basis of frames so that it is in full face, with a neutral expression. Another part of the algorithm works with the audio track. It recreates the spectrogram, recognizes the voice and generates a portrait using a parallel neural network.

The quality check showed that the model copes well with the definition of sex, but is not yet able to correctly estimate age with an accuracy of 10 years. In addition, a problem with race definition was discovered: the algorithm best dealed with the drawing of faces of people of European or Asian origin. As the researchers say, this is due to the uneven distribution of the races in the training set.

Data Natives 2019: A Look From the Inside

HypeCodes Team overview of one of the biggest tech events of the ending year
28 November 2019   174

As you may remember, Data Natives team hosts events in 50 largest tech capitals all over the world. And the biggest annual event is held in the home of the team - Berlin.

Berlin gathered over 2000 experts, geeks, startupers, professionals and true fans of the newest technologies. 

We had promised you we'll visit the event to provide you with our overview. So, check it out!

Yes, we are living in a time of fast change, a quickening. But really, what we need is to slow down and understand what all of this is.

Elena Poughia at opening talk

Founder, Data Natives

Elena Poughia at Data Natives 2019
Elena Poughia at Data Natives 2019

Let's check the most impressive talks

At one of the stages, called Future, Susara van den Heever told us about Norman, the very interesting robot. It's the first "psychopathic" robot. Trained on images from the darkest side of the internet, he is educating the world on the dangers of biased AI.

Susara van den Heever at Data Natives 2019
Susara van den Heever at Data Natives 2019

Technology is a movement that is unstoppable and it's changing every aspect of society. It's powered by us. And with power comes great responsibility.

Susara van den Heever

Dr. Fanny Nusbaum spoke about the differences in human intelligence and artificial intelligence. 

Dr. Fanny Nusbaum at Data Natives 2019
Dr. Fanny Nusbaum at Data Natives 2019

Why are humans able to recognize a cat at 2 years old after seeing a couple of cats? AI needs hundreds of images. That's because humans are able to contextualize and see the big picture, AI can't do that.

Dr. Fanny Nusbaum

On the DAY 2 Toby Walsh, Professor of AI at Technische Universität Berlin and SydneyUni was asked how does he think AI will our society.

Сheck how Filipa Peleja Data Scientist at Vodafone Portugal & Invited Lecturer at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa explains us how Data will change our lives.

Benjamin De Boe, Product Manager at InterSystems to tell us 3 words that come to his mind when he thinks of DN19 and why does he think this kind of event is important.

Check our pics!

Data Natives 2019
Data Natives 2019
Data Natives 2019

The whole event was marvellous! We were able to meet great people, listen to the interesting and motivating talks, check the newest developments in different fields and just had some great time. 

Data Natives 2019
Data Natives 2019

As soon as new videos, photos and other stuff comes up, we'll keep you posted, so stay tuned!


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