New address format for Bitcoin Cash released

BitcoinABC releases new software with new CashAddr address format
16 January 2018   2042

Today BitcoinABC released a new version of their software with implementation of CashAddr format. What is it and how does it work?

First of all, no it's not a fork, neither soft, nor hard, and not a new protocol. And no, there will be no change in users' public or private keys. So, with that out of the way, let's look at what did change.

If you have ever seen Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash address, you now hw it looks like – just a sequence of numbers and letters. The new address format is just a different encoding variety, to lessen the confusion between BTC an BCH. The new Bitcoin Cash address will look like that


Notice the bitcoincash prefix. That's the whole point. While it's always there, but previously may have been omitted or missing entirely, now it's an integral part of the address. While you can still use the old address format in your transactions, the developers strongly encourage users to utilize the new format, even providing the links tools for converting “legacy” to a new CashAddr style addresses, like

Please remember to use only trusted tools, so there will be less chance to get a scam address instead of the target one.

And upgrade your wallet, most of the services will implement the changes quite fast, but it can be prudent to alert the devs about a new format, so the transition will be smoother and faster.

SBI to Delist Bitcoin Cash

It is also worth noting SBI won't delist Bitcoin SV, which will be delisted by Binance and ShapeShift.
17 April 2019   175

The Japanese exchange SBI Virtual Currencies will delist Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in June Cointelegraph reports.

It is noteworthy that SBI won't delist Bitcoin SV, which will be delisted by Binance and ShapeShift.

Among the main reasons for the delisting of the exchange called the decline in market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash. Also, representatives of the marketplace are convinced that BCH has recently become more at risk of an “attack of 51%.”

This material is not part of the rules for the management system of virtual currency related information of Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Business Association.


In addition, AMB Crypto reports that SBI is dissatisfied with the consequences of hard forks, as a result of which the BSV asset appeared, and Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency itself has lost a significant part of its value in a short time.

Some users of social networks have expressed the opinion that the true reason for delisting Bitcoin Cash lies in the partnership of the management of the exchange with the company nChain, where Craig Wright, who supports Bitcoin SV, works.

Large exchange OKEx decided not to delist Bitcoin SV too. Moreover, until April 19, the launch of the FloatSV cryptocurrency exchange, created in partnership with OKEx, is expected to be launched, the main asset of which will be Bitcoin SV.