New Captcha Hidden Miner Unveiled

Users' devices are forced to mine XMR while solving the captcha
13 February 2018   532

Hackers attack users of mobile devices based on Android again.They use well known XMR mining script Coinhive. This time, to keep users on their page longer, they offer them to solve the captcha. 

According to the company Malwarebytes, this scheme scammers have been using active since November last year. Users are being attracked to the malicious website by the ads.

Users are encouraged to enter captcha, which can sometimes be difficult due to the inconvenience of the keyboard of mobile devices. This feature is used by hackers, downloading the processors of their victims for 100% for the Monero mining.

Captcha Miner
Captcha Miner

It is noteworthy that the solution of captcha does not give the desired result - users are simply redirected to the Google homepage.

It is difficult to determine how much Monero currency this operation is currently yielding without knowing how many other domains (and therefore total traffic) are out there. Because of the low hash rate and the limited time spent mining, we estimate this scheme is probably only netting a few thousand dollars each month. However, as cryptocurrencies continue to gain value, this amount could easily be multiplied a few times over.

Malwarebytes Team

Researchers found 5 domains used in the campaign, each of which hosts the same page with the same captcha. According to their estimates, all five pages on average visit 800,000 users a day, being on them for 4 minutes.

Samsung Reports Q1 Profit Record due to Mining Chips

Samsung Electronics has reported 58% year-on-year growth in its operating profits for Q1 due to strong demand for chips used for cryptocurrency mining
26 April 2018   126

Samsung Electronics has reported 58% year-on-year growth in its operating profits for Q1 2018 - an increase driven in part by strong demand for cryptocurrency mining chips.

Robert M. Yi, executive vice president of investor relations of Samsung, said on Thursday that the profitability increase seen in the firm's semiconductor business played a significant role in setting a new quarterly operating profit record of 15.6 trillion Korean won ($14 billion).

In the semiconductor business, the earning increases significantly year over year thanks to favorable market conditions driven by strong demands in server and graphic card memories as well as earning improvement in both the System LSI and Foundry businesses led by an increasing demand of chips used in flagship smartphones and cryptocurrency mining.


Robert M. Yi

Executive vice president of investor relations, Samsung

Samsung confirmed at the beginning of the year it is producing 8nm and 11nm processors to meet growing market demand from the cryptocurrency mining industry.

The company forecast that the demand for mining processors will continue to expand in Q2, while the earnings of its LSI and Foundry businesses may decrease due to slowing demand for smartphone components.