New Ethereum Vulnerability Unveiled

Potential attacker could not only deprive the “hot wallet” of some exchange of substantial funds but also enrich themselves.
22 November 2018   910

The supplier of dApp-solutions Level K revealed the details of the vulnerability in the Ethereum network, which was reported on 9 November.

The developers talked about the attack called “vector for griefing”, which exploited the possibility of random calculations using the address to which Ethereum coins were sent.

The attack could be capitalized through the minting of GasToken tokens, tied to the cost of gas in the Ethereum network, due to random calculations when receiving ETH to your address, and the initiator of the transaction would have to pay for these actions. As a result, the exchanges that did not implement such precautions as gas limits were threatened.

At the same time, the vulnerability concerned not only Ethereum, but also ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. Thus, a potential attacker could not only deprive the “hot wallet” of some exchange of substantial funds by burning gas, but also enrich themselves.

At the moment, all trading platforms that have received notifications from Level K have implemented appropriate security measures.

Zulu Republic to Launch WhatsApp Crypto Transfer Bot is already available for Telegram and Facebook Messenger; it allows to send and receive BTC, ETH, LTC and ZTX (Zulu Republic own token)
20 May 2019   82 WhatsApp bot is now available. Thanks to it, the users of the popular messenger got the opportunity to send each other transactions in Bitcoin and Litecoin.

In addition to BTC and LTC, the new service also supports Ether (ETH) and ZTX, the native token of the Zulu Republic platform, developers of the bot.

WhatApp Bot
WhatApp Bot

To start sending transactions, users simply install the and the follow further instructions. In particular, you can determine the coin to be used by default, the language (at the moment you can choose between English and Spanish), and also set a password.

Earlier, Zulu Republic launched a similar service for Telegram, and added support for Facebook Messenger later. In addition, allows to carry out cryptocurrency transactions using SMS messages.

Now also supports WhatsApp, whose user base is estimated at more than 1.5 billion people around the world.