New Etherium hard fork EtherZero upcoming on January 19, 2018

EtherZero's devs promise it to become a revolution to eclipse all other forks
28 December 2017   584

First things first. Important information on EtherZero (ETZ) as declared by developers:

  • Fork height: 4936270 block

  • Time: Jan 19th 2018 GMT 19:00-21:00

  • Allocation: Total supply is about 116 million ETZ

  • Each ETH distributes 1 ETZ

  • Reserve 20 million ETZ for subsequent development

  • Newly increased: about 6 million ETZ per year (about 5% inflation and declining year by year)

So, with technical bits out of the way, what is so revolutionary about this fork? The main selling point is the utilization of masternode. The devs promise that the implementation of masternode will benefit more cash users. The masternodes will get 45% of the initial access node of 10 000 ETZ. The other 55% will be devided between miners, receiving 45%, and self-governing communities, who will get 10%.

A short-term goal is for ETZ's market value to reach 10% of the Etherium. Theoretically, it will get ETZ unit price up to 70 USD, which isn't too shabby.

Also, the extended support for Dapps in Etherium will allow for the ETZ to be deployed after only a few changes. The details will be released further in the future by the development team.

Currently the EtherZero team is made up from 20 people from different countries all over the world. All of the claim to have background in DApp development. The devs are also cooperating with different DApp developers from India and Eastern Europe. So, for the fans of decentralization, it promises to be an interesting technological venture, if nothing else.