New Hidden Miner Can "Kill" Its "Competitors"

New hidden miner discovered by the researcher has a built-in "kill list" of "competitors"
06 March 2018   216

The researchers found the first hidden cryptocurrency miner, containing the "kill list", that  "kills" the processes of other miners in an attempt to capture all the power of the computer. This is reported by Bleeping Computer.

Malware was discovered by researcher Xavier Mertens of ICS Sans. In addition to the curious function, it does not differ from the many existing miners that were distributed this year, when the attackers switched from ransomware to a new type of attack.

Unlike competitors, the author of the miner realized that this market is becoming rather crowded, and infecting a device that does not already have several similar viruses becomes more and more difficult, which is why they have to fight for the power of the CPU and GPU.

To solve this problem, the author analyzed what miners most often infect devices, and compiled a list of system processes under the guise of which viruses act.

When such a trojan gets on the computer, it checks the running processes and, in case of detection of names from the list, stops them.

According to Mertens, experts in the field of cybersecurity can use the work done by the author of the virus to detect infected computers.

It's worth noting that this is not the first trojan containing the function "kill list", but none of them was designed for crypto currency mining.

Largest mining farm to be built in the UK

The well-known UK tech company Bladetec is building the first large Bitcoin mining farm in Europe
20 March 2018   192

Bladetec had already got an experience in IT support for NATO and the Ministry of Defence of the UK in the past. Today its idea is funded by investors in a limited company which is protected by UK law.

The facility - Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mining Company (TBBMC), situated on the Southeast of the country, is going to cover 3,500 square feet in three different places: in London, Suffolk and Surrey.

Today the company is raising £10 million from investors for building and operating the farm for up 2 years. The farm will become global and significant, also it is supposed to be introduced in the world`s top 25 and produce considerable return for shareholders (as a result of its dominant position).

The minimum investment to TBBMC project set by the company is £ 5,000 from each applicant. The project allows the capital growth up to even 45 % within a period of 2-3 years. The returns for the shareholders at that stage would be based on the Bitcoins sales`proceeds and the ASIC machines. If the price of Bitcoin does drop by 40 %, an investor may lose 22 % of his capital.

The company declared that it is going to mine 1,280 bitcoins within a period of two years. Nowadays it's difficult to predict how much those Bitcoins may be worth in two years. According to current prices, they will be valued at £ 7,8 million. But the situation may probably change before 2021. As for the raised funds, they would mostly be spent on the energy costs, despite the low energy bills' agreement between Bladetec company and the intended wind farm.

Bitcoin mining is more popular in the countries where the weather is cold (such as Iceland and China). The government of Iceland can implement a tax on mining because of the energy consumption. Chinese authorities insists on the ending of the cryptocurrency trading and mining in the country.