New Hidden Miner Can "Kill" Its "Competitors"

New hidden miner discovered by the researcher has a built-in "kill list" of "competitors"
06 March 2018   1136

The researchers found the first hidden cryptocurrency miner, containing the "kill list", that  "kills" the processes of other miners in an attempt to capture all the power of the computer. This is reported by Bleeping Computer.

Malware was discovered by researcher Xavier Mertens of ICS Sans. In addition to the curious function, it does not differ from the many existing miners that were distributed this year, when the attackers switched from ransomware to a new type of attack.

Unlike competitors, the author of the miner realized that this market is becoming rather crowded, and infecting a device that does not already have several similar viruses becomes more and more difficult, which is why they have to fight for the power of the CPU and GPU.

To solve this problem, the author analyzed what miners most often infect devices, and compiled a list of system processes under the guise of which viruses act.

When such a trojan gets on the computer, it checks the running processes and, in case of detection of names from the list, stops them.

According to Mertens, experts in the field of cybersecurity can use the work done by the author of the virus to detect infected computers.

It's worth noting that this is not the first trojan containing the function "kill list", but none of them was designed for crypto currency mining.

Zcoin to Implement Hard Fork to Fight ASIC Mining

After update, which implement new  Merkle Tree Proof algorithm, the cost of mining on ASIC devices will be significantly increased
10 December 2018   87

On Monday, December 10, a planned hardfork will be held in the Zcoin cryptocurrency network (XZC), the purpose of which is to oppose mining on ASIC devices. As expected, the upgrade will take place at 12:00 GMT.

As a result, the upgrade will activate a new algorithm called Merkle Tree Proof (MTP), the development of which has been carried out over the past few years.

It is noted that the MTP algorithm provides for increased use of RAM, which significantly increases the cost of mining on ASIC devices and thereby eliminates their advantages.

The FAQ section says that before hardfork users and operators of the nodes need to upgrade to the latest version of the Zcoin software ( Earlier versions will continue to work, but the new release not only contains important fixes for various bugs, but also significantly improves network performance and throughput.

In addition, the developers warn that if after the hard forks the user still has an earlier version of the software, this can lead to incorrect display of balances in the Zcoin wallet.

Znode operators, in turn, will be excluded from the queue and will not be able to receive the award until they update the software to the latest version.

Zcoin Price
Zcoin Price

These news don't have any big effect on Zcoin's rate.