A new quantitative analysis model launched in China

Once a new model of Beijing-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has been recently released, it immediately caught the attention of exchange analytics who are analysing its efficiency at the global market.
23 June 2017   985

A Going by notable views at the moment,Huobi,  the First “Big Three” Chinese Exchange, has  successfully rolled out a new quantitative analysis model that may be a breakthrough  after a long-lasting freeze in China's bitcoin exchange world due to its visible at the first sight advantages such as different blockchain-based currencies and a bunch of variables.

Named SMARTChain, this promising data model is designed with support from academics of Tsinghua University. It’s eventually based on five variables for the analysis:


Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

  • a blockchain relevance for real-life applications;
  • its public and media attention; its trading volume;
  • its credibility and risk for inflation;
  • its technological design.

The Huobi Blockchain Research Center assumes that this high-potential model assigns scores to each blockchain in order to generate a final top-10 ranking.

The points of the world's largest cryptocurrencies  Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin would respectively reach up to  88.07, 70.67 and 69.62. As for Ripple and Ethereum Classic, they could turn out to be the  fourth and fifth.

According to the tool's creators, the scores draw an approximate representation how much potential these cryptocurrencies have as a long-term investment.Interestingly, these three top tokens could also be traded along with Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Although the SMARTChain has just been launched, it is not yet certain whether this model is a robust, on-premise solution.

Monex to Open Exchange Under Coincheck Brand in USA

"New old" cryptocurrency trading platform will be focused on institutional investors; opening is planed in 2019
13 December 2018   16

Japanese online broker Monex Group Inc. announced the launch of a cryptocurrency trading platform focused on institutional investors. The new platform should start work in 2019 under the brand of Coincheck, Finance Magnates reports.

A license to provide services in all US states Monex hopes to get within a year. As the president of Monex TradeStation, John Bartleman, said, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and, possibly, XRP will be available on the platform.

In April, Monex acquired Coincheck, the victim of a hack, for $ 33.6 million. After the purchase, Monex representatives said that the cryptocurrency business plays a key role in the company's further development. The fact that Monex intends to expand its business to the US market became known in May.

It is noteworthy that earlier this month, Monex Group Inc. became one of the investors of the American stock exchange cryptocurrency derivatives ErisX. According to John Bartleman, ErisX will also serve institutional investors in the United States after regulatory approval