New Rails book "Demystifying Rails" released

New Rails book will suit for experienced developers
23 June 2017   2891

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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (RoR) - a framework written in the Ruby programming language.

Launch School, popular online learning portal, recently released new book called "Demystifying Rails".

Demystifying Rails
Demystifying Rails

Book was under construction for a year. It is written for experienced web coders who want not just to get familiar with Rails, but to understand how all this stuff works together. As someone can suggest, this is not a newbie tutorial, but a solid materiel for skilled developers. Book is a part of a 301 course at Launch School.

It's a journey "under the hood" of RoR framework to see how web application development process looks like without Rails. It will help to understand why frameworks and especially Rails exists. Reader will see how it is to create web application without a framework. This book is written to show the developers how the "life" is without Rails.

Also, you can have more info about another Ruby on Rail tutorials.

Book is free and can be read here at LaunchSchool

Ruby/RoR News Digest 5 - 11.10

Minitest style guide, why RSpec tests fail algorithms behind RuboCop complexity metrics and much more in this week's Ruby\Rails news digest
11 October 2019   122

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new "gemmy" programming news digest.

In this digest you will be able to check the minitest style guide, learn how to troubleshoot the RSpec test fail and get familiar with algorithms behind Rubocop complexity metrics. Also, there are two videos with tips and tricks and system test creating in Rails


  • The Minitest Style Guide

Style guide for the popular Ruby testing library


  • Ruby 2.7 deprecates automatic conversion from a hash to keyword arguments

Ruby 3.0, however, will have ‘real’ keyword arguments separated from the idea of hashes instead of initial Ruby's legacy approach in this field; so the automatic conversion of a supplied hash into keyword arguments will yield a warning in Ruby 2.7.

  • Why RSpec Tests Fail (and How To Fix Them)

Examples of where RSpec tests could fail and thoughts on fixing such issues.

  • Algorithms behind RuboCop complexity metrics

Learn how RuboCop calculates its complexity metrics on code.


  • Spree

4th major version of the "complete open source ecommerce solution for Ruby on Rails"

  • will_paginate

Update of the pagination library that works with Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Hanami::View, Merb, DataMapper and Sequel.

  • PunyLinux

Build automation  for a minimal Linux system.


  • Episode #210 - Rails Tips and Tricks

  • How to Write System Tests in Rails


  • 290: Ruby for Good with Polly Schandorf

Brittany Martin, host of the 5by5 Ruby on Rails podcasts talks with Polly Schandorf is an organizer of Ruby for Good, an hackathon-of-sorts about using Ruby to make the world “gooder”