New users of Bitfinex now need the "invitation code"

Old and new users of one of the most popular cryptcourrency exchange aren't able to find "invitation code"
20 December 2017   2830

Yesterday new users of one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex had faced unexpected issue with registration. Now in order to create an account, new users need the "invitation code".

Bitfinex Sign Up Form
Bitfinex Sign Up Form

As you can see on the screenshot above, there isn't a lot of information what is "invitation code" and where should new user get one. On the Reddit thread even users with old and active accounts aren't able to find a code to share with a friend. 

There are no invitation codes. Bitfinex is probably trying to halt all new registrations without publicly saying as much. Given the other dodgy things of late (warrant canaries, withdrawal minimums), it might just be that they're about to get shuttered. FBI? FINCEN?

xpanda70 from Reddit

It is worth noting that there is no information on the new registration rules in the official Twitter account. 

Registration and account validation on any of the cryptocurrency exchange is not an easy deal at all. For example, at Poloniex, you need to provide the scan of your ID and and a clear photo with you, your ID and "Poloniex" on the piece of paper. And photo must be 100% clearly visible.

Poloniex Account Verification
Poloniex Account Verification

Another popular exchange called Bittrex decided not to bother itself with "invitation codes" or collecting photos of new users. They just stopped new users' registration five days ago and still hadn't open it again. 

170 Stolen Bitfinex's BTC to Moved to Unknown Wallet

Exchanges was hacked back in 2016, about 120k BTC were stolen; most of the big players in the market marked the funds as “undesirable”
07 June 2019   505

Funds on Bitcoin wallets used to store assets stolen from the Bitfinex exchange suddenly began to move.

So, at the moment, five transactions from wallets called “Bitfinex Hack 2016” were noticed. Bitcoins worth over $ 1.3 million were transferred to unknown addresses.

In August 2016, as a result of hacking, Bitfinex lost almost 120,000 BTC and was forced to suspend work.

At the beginning of 2017, more than 800 bitcoins stolen from the exchange began to move and were found at other sites.

Most of the major players in the market noted the funds as “undesirable” and for a long time the bitcoins remained where they were placed after the hacking.

Nevertheless, this year bitcoins have already moved - in April, 550 BTC started moving. It is noteworthy that this happened shortly before the prosecutor's office of the State of New York charged the exchange with the fact that it concealed the fact of loss of about $ 850 million, using the means of the issuer of steylkoina Tether to cover the damage.