Newest TOKENS to Hit the Exchanges in Jan 2018

From this article you will find out which newest tokens have already been listed on major exchanges from the beginning of 2018
11 January   879

The year of 2018 have just started and it is expected to bring a large diversity of new cryptocoins, tokens, exchanges, and ups and downs of prices of already existing digital assets. In this article we are presenting newest tokens which have been listed on the crypto exchanges in the beginning of 2018: DragonChain, 0x Protocol Token, DigixDAO Global, CivicRed PulseOlympus Labs, AI Doctor, Coinlancer, FairGame, CanYaCoin, Game, Lamden, Hyper Pay, SwftCoin, AppCoins, Pylon Network, CryptopiaFeeShares, TokenClub, GUTS Tickets, GameChain System, Measurable Data Token, BitClave.

Jan 19: DragonChain (DRGN)

Dragonchain is a platform that lets users retain complete control of their data as sensitive business logic and smart contract functionality is kept proprietary. It aims  to be most secure, flexible, and business ready blockchain platform, and ecosystem.

Dragonchain charts january 2018Dragonchain Charts

Crypto Exchange: Cobinhood
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: $3,12
Market Cap Jan 19: $744 029 043
24h Volume Jan 19: $5 457 270
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Jan 19: 0x Protocol Token (ZRX)

0x is an open, permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain. In 0x protocol, orders are transported off-chain, massively reducing gas costs and eliminating blockchain bloat. Relayers help broadcast orders and collect a fee each time they facilitate a trade. Anyone can build a relayer.

0x Charts january 20180x Charts 

Crypto Exchange: Cobinhood
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: $1,74
Market Cap Jan 19: $863 845 974
24h Volume Jan 19: $22 391 400
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Jan 19: DigixDAO Global (DGD)

Digix tokenizes gold on Ethereum. It leverages the Distributed Ledger for its immutability, transparency and auditability by applying it to precious physical assets. Digix has created a range of technologies including The Proof of Asset Protocol (POA) and Digix Gold Tokens (DGX) on Ethereum.

DigixDAO Charts January 2018DigixDAO Charts

Crypto Exchange: Cobinhood
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: $182,63
Market Cap Jan 19: $365 258 000
24h Volume Jan 19: $8 161 370
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Jan 19: Civic (CVC)

Civic is created to control and protect identities. Through its decentralized architecture with the blockchain and biometrics on the mobile device, Civic platform provides multi-factor authentication without a username, password, third-party authenticator, or physical hardware token.

Civic Charts January 2018Civic Charts 

Crypto Exchange: Cobinhood
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: $0,813992
Market Cap Jan 19: $278 955 031
24h Volume Jan 19: $24 270 500
Website and Explorer

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Jan 18: Red Pulse

Red Pulse is an event-driven research firm covering market events impacting Chinese companies, sectors and the overall economy. It delivers this in real-time via web portal, iOS app, email and partner distribution platforms, giving analysts, investors, traders and advisers the edge they need to make better informed decisions.

Red Pulse Charts Red Pulse Charts 

Crypto Exchange: Coinrail
Price at the moment of press: $0,291353
Market Cap Jan 18: $158 306 216
24h Volume Jan 18: $4 231 040
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Jan 11: Olympus Labs

Olympus is a financial ecosystem that defines the protocol for cryptocurrency-based financial products. The Olympus ecosystem provides investors with a comprehensive financial marketplace filled with financial products, services, and applications that serve their investment needs. Olympus Labs provides the tools for investors to construct a well diversified portfolio, to hedge their downside risk, and to make positive returns in all market conditions.

Olympus labs charts january 2018Olympus Labs Charts

Price at the moment of press: $2,16
24h Volume Jan 11: $20 183 900
Total Supply: 100,000,000 MOT
Crypto Exchanges: OKEx - added Jan 11
Bibox - added Dec 29 of 2017

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Jan 10: AI Doctor

AIDOC integrates a large number of smart medical DAPPs, which are based on public standards, and each DAPP can customize its own system architecture. Combination of intelligent hardware, Internet of things and other equipment is used to build the wisdom of the entire industrial chain ecology.

AI Doctor charts January 2018AI Doctor Charts

Price at the moment of press: $0,209750
24h Volume Jan 11: $17 182 100
Crypto Exchanges: OKEx - added Jan 10
Huobi - added Jan 10
Bibox - added Jan 11
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Jan 9: Coinlancer

Coinlancer is a blockchain platform for effective freelancing and secure peer-to-peer exchanges. Coinlancer is a decentralized job market built on Ethereum platform, which empowers burgeoning freelancers and clients from across the globe. CL token acts as a facilitator that enables users to transact on Coinlancer Platform. 

Coinlancer Charts January 2018Coinlancer Charts 

Price at the moment of press: $0,402144
24h Volume Jan 11: $1 660 660
Total Supply: 300,000,000 CL
Crypto Exchanges: HitBTC - added Jan 9
Etherdelta - December 2017
Website and Explorer

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Jan 8: FairGame

Based on Ethereum, uses decentralized technology and smart contract to ensure the fairness of games. Fair.Game combines the features of blockchain (“open, fair and just”) and online games in an innovative way. It eliminates various problems in traditional games such as blackbox operation, non-transparent numerical algorithm and inequality among players.

FairGame Charts January 2018FairGame Charts January 2018

Price at the moment of press: $0,159589
24h Volume Jan 11: $1 821 340
Crypto Exchanges: OKEx - added Jan 8
BigONE - added Jan 10

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Jan 8: CanYaCoin

CanYaCoin is a Blockchain-Powered Marketplace of Services. The CanYa ecosystem is powered by CanYaCoins which allow users to pay for services, access premium app features and get rewarded—all with CanYaCoins.

CanYaCoin chartsCanYaCoin Charts

Price at the moment of press: $4,18
24h Volume Jan 11: $19 053 400
Total Supply: 100,000,000 CAN
Crypto Exchanges: Kucoin - added Jan 8
AEX - added Jan 8
Website and Explorer

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Jan 7: Game is a service which is aiming to create global gaming platforms for blockchain digital currencies.

Game Token charts Game Charts

Price at the moment of press: $0,246459
24h Volume Jan 11: $25 044 500
Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 GTC
Crypto Exchanges: - added Jan 7
Bibox - added Jan 3
Website and Explorer

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Jan 6: Lamden

Lamden is a suite of developer tools that speed up the process of creating new and custom blockchains and apps. The Lamden Tau token connects these new projects together and with mainchain cryptocurrencies.

Lamden Charts january 2018Lamden Charts

Price at the moment of press: $1,00
24h Volume Jan 11: $1 706 310
Total Supply: 288,090,567 TAU
Crypto Exchanges: IDEX - added Jan 6
Website and Explorer

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Jan 5: Hyper Pay

HyperPay is a revolution for the system of accessing, exchanging and transacting funds for both users and service providers. The separation of digital currency wallets and third-party payment platforms is an inconvenience that more people are experiencing by the day. HyperPay will enable users to better organise their financial lives and gain greater control of their payment options by combining transaction methods into a single gateway with agility and security unlike any other wallet.

Hyper pay charts january 2018Hyper Pay Charts

Price at the moment of press: $0,115856
24h Volume Jan 11: $3 704 730
Total Supply: 2,650,000,000 HPY
Crypto Exchanges: EXX - added Jan 5
Website and Explorer

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Jan 5: SwftCoin

Developed and operated by the Silicon Valley team, SWFT is cross blockchain, through the APP / website / API, and a one-button operation cryptocurrency transfer platform. Built by the leading minds in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain, SWFT integrates the world’s major exchanges to effectively achieve hedge risking, provide customer with an easy and efficient platform for cryptocurrency transfer. SwftCoin will be the only accepted payment method for transaction fee on SWFT platform.

SwftCoin charts january 2018SwftCoin Charts

Price at the moment of press: $0,065069
24h Volume Jan 11: $58 240 400
Crypto Exchanges: Huobi - added Jan 5
OKEx - added 28 Dec 2017
HitBTC - added 18 dec 2017
Website and Explorer

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Jan 5: AppCoins

AppCoin tokens (“APPC Tokens”) are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract. AppCoins is meant for use in the AppCoins blockchain platform to perform transactions in the app store ecosystem. Appcoins has been designed to be highly scalable and modular allowing seamless integration with any app store.

Appcoins Charts January 2018AppCoins Charts

Price at the moment of press: $2,86
24h Volume Jan 11: $75 723 800
Total Supply: 450,000,000 APPC
Crypto Exchanges: Binance - added Jan 5
Website and Explorer

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Jan 4: Pylon Network

Pylon Network is the first decentralized energy exchange platform powered by renewable energy. Its operation is based on blockchain technology which gives the room for creation of trust mechanisms and data management at a decentralized scale.

Pylon network charts january 2018Pylon Network Charts

Price at the moment of press: $27,44
24h Volume Jan 11: $52 161
Total Supply: 633,858 PYLNT
Crypto Exchanges: Bit-Z - added Jan 4
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Jan 4: CryptopiaFeeShares

Cryptopia has upgraded its shareholder dividend method from the traditional mechanisms of paying a fixed amount of dollars in profit to each shareholder. Cryptopia will take 4.5% of its gross fees collected each month for each of the base markets and distribute that portion of the fees among all CEFS holders as at the end of that month. CEFS were created and allocated to Cryptopia shareholders based on the shares that they owned; 6300 CEFS tokens exist currently and CEFS tokens will not be reissued.

CryptopiaFreeShares Charts January 2018CryptopiaFreeShares Charts

Price at the moment of press: $10 775,20
24h Volume Jan 11: $883 185
Crypto Exchanges: Cryptopia - added Jan 4

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Jan 3: TokenClub

TokenClub blockchain is based on cryptocurrency investment service, and provides investors with professional cryptocurrency market information, investment consultant & strategy and other comprehensive services. TokenClub provides investors with timely information of every token, including data analysis presentation, information aggregation, communicating with operation team of each token, community participants as well as investors.

TokenClub Charts January 2018TokenClub Charts

Price at the moment of press: $0,092589
24h Volume Jan 11: $716 264 
Crypto Exchanges: BigONE - added Jan 3
Website and Explorer

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Jan`18: GUTS Tickets

The Guaranteed Entrance Token (GET) protocol will ensure a transparent and decentralised event-ticketing market for all to use. GUTS Tickets is the first ticketing company using the protocol and it plans to use its experience of the market to develop the GET-Protocol into a world-wide used platform.

GUTS Tickets Charts january 2018GUTS Tickets Charts

Price at the moment of press: $4,66
24h Volume Jan 11: $95 200
Crypto Exchanges: IDEX - added Dec 28 of 2017
Etherdelta - January 2018
Website and Explorer

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Jan 3: GameChain System

GameChain System is created to enable game devs to raise fund (coins), share profits, sell virtual objects with transparency and trustworthyness on blockchain.

GameChain System charts january 2018GameChain Charts

Price at the moment of press: $0,059368
24h Volume Jan 11: $92 663
Total Supply: 2,100,000,000 GCS
Crypto Exchanges: BigONE - added Jan 3
Website and Explorer

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Jan 3: Measurable Data Token

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a decentralized data exchange ecosystem connecting users, data providers, and data buyers and denominates the value of data. MDT rewards users with MDT tokens for the actual anonymous data points exchanged.

Measurable Data Token ChartsMeasurable Data Token Charts

Price at the moment of press: $0,502274
24h Volume Jan 11: $2 252 400
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MDT
Crypto Exchanges: OKEx - added Jan 3 - added Jan 6

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Jan 1: BitClave

BitClave is the next generation of search data privacy. Users should have control over who can use it- and how. NitClave decentralized search engine helps users truly find what they are looking for and get compensated for their data, making third-party advertising networks unnecessary. Powered by blockchain, users can rest assured their data is protected.

BitClave charts january 2018BitClave Charts

Price at the moment of press: $0,269917
24h Volume Jan 11: $16 814 500
Total Supply: 299,798,552 CAT
Crypto Exchanges: Bibox - added Jan 1

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Tokenized Bank Simplifying Use of Cryptocurrency

From this article you will learn how Hush is developing a tokenized neobank offering simplified services for placing and using cryptocurrency via blockchain technology
22 January   67

The banks existing nowadays do not fully resond to all modern consumers' demands as they are the tools for depositing users' money, having a means of payment, saving or financing for future projects. Users can check the latest transactions, scrutinize bank charges, anticipate future expenses and check the available balance, but in reality they want more, for instance, a tool that takes into account the future, such as the rise of cryptocurrencies. Hush has the ambition to go much further, and to provide services that respond to societal changes in recent years.

What is Hush?

Hush is developing a project of a regulated, participative and tokenized neobank that offers users simplified services for placing and using the money in currencies or cryptocurrencies. Hush’s ambition is to create the first regulated, participative and tokenized model for simplified services so that users cans use their money in fiat and/or crypto-currencies. Hush is a neobank that has been created by Éric Charpentier, ex-fonder of Morning which is also a neobank.

Hush ICO
Hush ICO

The aim of Hush is to federate an active community of users, offering them a regulated model in order to develop a daily utilization of crypto-currencies/euro, and opening new perspectives to the inexperienced users about the crypto-currencies sector as well as enjoying an innovating mobile bank service using fiat.

The increased usage of crypto-currencies, especially the Initial Coin Offerings (raising money through tokens), opens new perspectives in order to transform the traditional banking model, supported by users’ community which will allow to innovate as well as ensure a longlasting economical independence.

Éric Charpentier

CEO, Hush

Hush Strategy

Hush will propose several functionalities in accordance with users’ expectations with the Premium model, and particularly:

  • Opening accounts by invitation or sponsoring programs with the users’ initiative
  • A Premium payment card including a reinforced security and an innovating usage
  • A crypto wallet in order to safely manage user’s investments
  • An instantaneous conversion service of crypto-currencies with the possibility for the users to spend their money whenever they want
  • Proposition of proactive insurances
  • An account project for users so that they can finance and realize their project and fix objectives for themselves

Hush advantagesHush Advantages

Hush Ambassador Program

Hush Ambassador program tends to reward the participation of users holders of USH Token through a badge mechanism qualifying different levels of engagement. Those badges will be distributed monthly on the activity base related to:

  • The loyalty use of Hush services overtime which will bring to their users the first rewards
  • The engagement in recommendation, the referral system or other marketing actions
  • The participation of the users in the ongoing amelioration of services or the proposition of innovative ideas
  • The functional contributions in the technical development through bug bounty program
  • The challenges in the community animation, with variable contents ensuring a maximal participation

Hush rewards programHush Rewards Program

USH Token

USH tokens are created to provide several services to the holders:

  • A participative and contributive voice in Hush project
  • A payment method proposed by Hush, in which paying a Hush service with USH Token brings a 50% reduction on commissions
  • A reward tool thanks to a loyalty and engagement program Hush Ambassador
  • A reward of the contributive activity and the use of Hush services in order to redistribute USH Tokens to the most active users in Hush’s Ambassador program.

Hush Token Sale Information

Ticker. USH
Sales dates. Pre-sale. from Jan 22, 2018 to Feb 11, 2018
ICO. from Feb 12, 2018 to Mar 4, 2018
Token price. €0.70
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC
Hard cap. €10M
Bonus. 20%

Hush Token AllocationHush Token Allocation

Hush Advisors

  • Kazem Tabrizi - a partner of Tenzing, a consulting firm in operational strategy
  • Pierre Storrer - a specialist in banking law and in payment services law, who assists national and international operators, banking and alternative institutions
  • Nazim Morera - co-Founder of BitConseil, expert in digital, marketing and distributed registry protocols
  • Denys Chalumeau - entrepreneur of the French Internet, foundee of,,, and
  • Sébastien Bourguignon - a manager in an IT consulting firm and is an expert in digitization and blockchain, author of the white paper "#80PortraitDeStartuper" and the book "Portraits of startupers - 2017 edition" published by Maxima


  • Whitepaper
  • Executive Summary
  • Terms of USH Sale

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