NewYorkCoin Meetup to Take Place on Manhattan

New York Coin is bringing one of the founders of NYC coin as a speaker for a meetup, which will take place in New York City on April 18
31 March 2018   1391

NYC offers its users a decentralized, anonymous and secure worldwide network easily accessible using a wide array of wallets on multiple operating systems. New York Coin is decentralized and has a proven blockchain, churning out transactions every 30 seconds, and most transactions are free in the newyork coin network.

New York Coin is bringing one of the founders of NYC coin as a speaker for a meetup, which will take place in New York City. The attendees of the meetup will be able to network with innovators in digital space.

Location: eBay 625 6th Avenue, New York, NY, USA
Date and Time: 

The panelists include James Burrell and Kathy Nielsen. James provides advisory and oversight functions for the NewYorkCoin community. NYCoin’s code features enables users to exchange value electronically to and from any location in the world without the need of a 3rd party custodial services.  NYCoin community volunteers provide software development, business development, marketing, and logistics with the ultimate goal of making NYCoin a leader in the virtual currency space. James adds value to the NYCoin community through his experience in the financial services industry and securities law.

Kathy Nielsen, the Digital Director at Neustar, built an advertising sales team for BabyZones’s 60+ regional sites across the US and Europe. After working in the digital advertising world and learning what it takes to be a successful online business, she moved to the origins of it all - the domain name industry. Later Kathy joined Neustar where she combines her digital advertising, marketing and domain name industry background to support multiple, top-level domains both old and new. She is in her best element when talking to end users about the world of domain names and all the benefits and opportunities they have to offer.

Join and enjoy!

KuCoin to Launch Spotlight IEO Platform

As reported by the KuCoin itself, information about the first tokensale will appear this week
21 March 2019   75

The KuCoin marketplace announced the launch of a platform for initial exchange offerings (IEO) called Spotlight.

The exchange's blog says that information about the first tokensale will appear this week. It is also known that tokens will be distributed according to the principle of first-come, first-served, that is, in the order of receipt of applications from investors. To purchase assets of new projects will use its own token exchange - KuCoin Shares (KCS).

In order to participate in the tokensale users will need to be verified. Some countries and regions will not be admitted to IEO on KuCoin.

After Binance conducted two extremely successful IEOs on the basis of its platform, BitTorrent and, the analogue of Launchpad appeared on OKEx. Soon, Bittrex International announced the launch of its own IEO platform.