NextBlock conference to arrive in Kiev

Krypton Events and Cryptovest are organizing a blockchain-related conference NextBlock on May 18 with multiple formats and topic-rich program
02 May 2018   675

Kiev will host a NextBlock conference on May 18 at Hilton Hotel Kyiv. Krypton Events and Cryptovest have worked hard to provide attendees with the chance to meet with industry leaders and stakeholders. An amazing Quick-fire Pitches session will give the opportunity to pitch own startup ideas. Topics of the conference will cover the latest trends and developments in the blockchain space. Those include:

  • Raising capital through and ICO;
  • Is the ICO dead but not buried;
  • Simplifying PR for ICOs and blockchain ventures;
  • Global regulations in blockchain;
  • E-commerce revolution with crypto and others.

Among the notable details there are an online streaming of the event already prepared and a premier afterparty "Official FashionTV Coin Deluxe Party" at COIN restaurant. Featuring FashionTV founder Michel Adam, the party will provide an excellent networking environment with prominent experts and decision makers of the Cryptoverse.

    Here are some of the speakers at the event:

    The conference official page is able to provide the details in case you are interested.

    SEC to Accuse Veritaseum ICO of Fraud

    SEC believes that project's tokensale, thru which it raised $14.8M back in 2017-2018 had a signs of scam and company misled the investors
    14 August 2019   236

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sued New Yorker  and Veritaseum-related companies that have been caught by the agency in conducting an unregistered ICO with signs of fraud. It is reported by Cointelegraph.

    According to documents published on the network, the SEC intends to hold Reggie Middleton accountable and immediately freeze the assets of Veritaseum Inc. and Veritaseum LLC.

    The Commission claims that the defendants raised about $ 14.8 million through an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017 - early 2018. At the same time, many investors were misled, as the company distorted information about the conditions of the token sale and deliberately hid some significant details.

    The American regulator claims that the project still has about $ 8 million of illegally raised funds. According to the SEC, these assets must be frozen immediately.

    Amid this news, the Veritaseum (VERI) rate has fallen by 70%. Now the coin is trading near the $ 5 mark, although at the beginning of 2018 its rate was approaching $ 500.

    Veritaseum was created as a financial p2p platform, involving the movement of capital without traditional intermediaries. Also, VERI was positioned as a utility token for use in consulting services and access to various research works.

    In 2017, Veritaseum blockchain startup fell victim to hackers, having lost $ 8.4 million from ICO investors.