Nicehash to Return 60% of BTC Stolen

Cloud mining platform was hacked back in December 2012 and 4700 BTC stolen
28 August 2018   1717

Cloud mining service Nicehash returned 60% of the bitcoins stolen as a result of the platform hacking in December 2017. This is reported by

After hacking, the company lost 4700 BTC, but immediately announced that it would return all stolen funds to customers, and gradually fulfills its promise. As part of this process, Nicehash charges a portion of the stolen coins monthly.

Law enforcement authorities meanwhile continue to investigate the incident. Representatives of the local police emphasize that such incidents are always very complex and take a lot of time. Typically, hackers are abroad and operate from different parts of the world, and also resort to various tricks to hide their identity and location.

Recall that the hacking of the cloud-based mining service occurred on December 6, 2017. At the time of the theft, the value of assets reached $ 65 million.

Bitmain to Launch Mining Centre in Texas

According to the company's plans, the farms capacity can reach 300 MW, which will make it the largest in the world
21 October 2019   82

Bitmain has completed the construction of a 50 MW mining center in Rockdale, Texas.

In the future, the farm's capacity can reach 300 MW, which will make it the largest in the world, according to Bitmain.

The company will create new jobs in the region. Together with local authorities, the company also organizes training for specialists in the field of blockchain technology and the maintenance of data centers.