Node v8.4.0 released

New version of one of the most popular JavaScript run-time environments out now
18 August 2017   1418

Node.js developers work hard on their product. New version 8.4.0 has been released recently.

What’s inside?

  • HTTP2

    • Experimental support for the built-in http2 has been added via the --expose-http2 flag.
  • Inspector

    • require() is available in the inspector console now.
    • Multiple contexts, as created by the vm module, are supported now.
  • N-API

    • New APIs for creating number values have been introduced.
  • Stream

    • For Duplex streams, the high water mark option can now be set independently for the readable and the writable side.
  • Util

    • util.format now supports the %o and %O specifiers for printing objects.

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Clarity Beta Released

According to the creators, the tool will allow website owners to understand the causes of user behavior better
13 December 2018   102

Microsoft put Clarity, a web analytics tool, into beta. It is used by the developers of the search engine Bing, so the functionality should be similar to Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics. Unlike these systems, the Clarity library is distributed freely and hosted on GitHub.

According to the creators, the tool will allow you to understand the causes of user behavior better. Clarity collects telemetry from the site and helps to see how users interact with it, what bugs and difficulties they face, why they leave. This will allow you to understand where to tweak the code and what generally needs to be changed to improve the user experience.

The developers gave an example of how Clarity was used to analyze strange activity on the Bing homepage. It turned out that the cause was malicious code that modified the page, interfered with the normal interaction with the site and extended the download. Clarity helped develop protection against changing search engine pages, which ultimately improved its business performance.

Clarity records user sessions for further viewing and analysis. Sessions can be filtered by date, duration, browser, OS, device type and activity.

When viewing a session, you can track the movement of the mouse pointer, the number and location of clicks, page load time, the number of network requests and JavaScript errors and other parameters. It is possible to create session logs in JSON format and send to the specified address.

Due to the fact that the tool is still in beta testing, to use it, you need to send a request with information about the connected site. From requests waiting list is being formed. Developers will notify applicants about the use of Clarity.