Node.js 8.5.0 released

Brand new version of Node.js available now, with new cool features
13 September 2017   2094

New version of popular JavaScript framework had been released.

Let's see what's inside!

  • build
    • Snapshots are now re-enabled in V8 
  • console
    • Implement minimal
  • deps
    • upgrade libuv to 1.14.1 
    • update nghttp2 to v1.25.0 
  • dns
    • Add verbatim option to dns.lookup(). When true, results from the DNS resolver are passed on as-is, without the reshuffling that Node.js otherwise does that puts IPv4 addresses before IPv6 addresses. 
  • fs
    • add fs.copyFile and fs.copyFileSync which allows for more efficient copying of files.
  • inspector
    • Enable async stack traces #13870
  • module
    • Add support for ESM. This is currently behind the --experimental-modules flag and requires the .mjs extension. node --experimental-modules index.mjs 
  • napi
    • implement promise 
  • os
    • Add support for CIDR notation to the output of the networkInterfaces() method.
  • perf_hooks
    • An initial implementation of the Performance Timing API for Node.js. This is the same Performance Timing API implemented by modern browsers with a number of Node.js specific properties. The User Timing mark() and measure() APIs are implemented.
  • tls
    • multiple PFX in createSecureContext 
  • Added new collaborators
    • BridgeAR – Ruben Bridgewater

Learn more and download at official website

What is Vim.Wasm?

Small introduction to Vim port to WebAssembly with screenshot and developer notes
16 July 2018   45

Vim.wasm is experimental fork of Vim editor to compile it into WebAssembly using emscripten and binaryen.

Developer added some notices:

  • Please access from a desktop browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge). Safari seems the best on macOS.
  • Please avoid mobile networks. Your browser will fetch some large files (up to 2.5MB).
  • vim.wasm takes key inputs from DOM keydown event. Please disable your browser extensions which affect key inputs (incognito mode would be the best).
  • This project is very early phase of experiment. Currently only tiny features are supported. More features will be implemented (please see TODO section). And you may notice soon on trying it... it's buggy :)
  • If inputting something does not change anything, please try to click somewhere in the page. Vim may have lost the focus.

The goal of this project is running Vim editor on browser by compiling Vim C sources into WebAssembly. 

Vim.wasm screenshot
Vim.wasm screenshot 

WebAssembly frontend for Vim is implemented as a new GUI frontend. C sources are compiled to each LLVM bitcode files and then they are linked to one bitcode file vim.bc by emccemcc finally compiles the vim.bc into vim.wasm binary using binaryen and generates HTML/JavaScript runtime.

You can find more info at GitHub.