Now Sketches Can be Turned to Code Instantly

Sketch2Code by Microsoft allows to turn sketch into HTML code
29 August 2018   1335

The Microsoft Azure team introduced the Sketch2Code Web tool to convert user interface sketches to HTML codes. Service speeds up the process of developing projects, eliminating the need to manually create markup based on the drawing.


Sketch2Code works with artificial intelligence. The process of converting a picture into code consists of five steps.

  • First the user uploads an image through the website.
  • A custom vision model predicts what HTML elements are present in the image and their location.
  • A handwritten text recognition service reads the text inside the predicted elements.
  • A layout algorithm uses the spatial information from all the bounding boxes of the predicted elements to generate a grid structure that accommodates all.
  • An HTML generation engine uses all these pieces of information to generate an HTML markup code reflecting the result.

All images, results and grouping information are stored in the BLOB storage. The connecting link between all services is Azure Functions. The tool is developed in collaboration with Kabel and Spike Techniques. Details about Sketch2Code are provided in the GitHub documentation.

Google to Announce .dev Top-Level Domain

Application acception for a new domain will begin in January 2019
13 November 2018   682

At the summit of developers Chrome Dev Google representatives briefly announced the imminent opening of the registration of names for the top-level domain .dev. Application acception will begin in January 2019.

From January 16 to February 19, 2019, brand and trademark owners will have the opportunity to register a domain name with their trademark. From February 19 to 28 there will be an early access stage with a higher price. And from February 28, access will be open to anyone.

As noted, the .dev domain, like the previously opened .app, will receive support for the HTTPS protocol by default. A more detailed description of the domain zone is available on the official website.

In May 2018, Google announced the public registration in the domain zone .app - in the first top-level domain, which allows only secure connections. And in October 2018, early registration began in the .page zone. Unlike .app and .dev, which are designed for developers, the .page zone is focused on personal pages, business and thematic sites. The domain also supports only secure channels.