Now Swiss can registrate on Ethereum blockchain

Uport made user-centric data platform on the Ethereum for Zug’s citizens
24 November 2017   1423

Recently Uport could ensure digital registration in partnership with Zug. This new opportunity is historically important, since it demonstrates the possibility of verifying digital citizenship by the government with the help of the Ethereum blockchain.

To register Zug’s citizen would download the Uport app and register his Uport ID on the Ethereum blockchain. It is creating a global identifier. This address is a smart contract. Citizen uses newly registered Uport ID to sign in to the Zug ID web portal with scanning a QR code. The Zug web portal is authenticated, the citizen enters a pre-existing Zug ID number along with personal information. This requires in-person verification by a city administrator. Then citizen gets 14 days to visit the Zug office with an official government ID document. Any authorized official can then cross check the citizen's information and his documents. If the application is approved, the citizen receives a Uport citizenship ID.

The development of digital citizenship can increase trust between government and citizens. It also provides opportunities for better digital interactions among them. Then in the Spring of 2018 Zug are going to develop an e-voting initiative.

Monoplasma Ethereum Scaling Technology Unveiled

Monoplasma developers claim that the technology will help solve the problem of repeat payments from one address to many others
18 February 2019   51

The developers of the blockchain platform Streamr presented a solution for scaling the Ethereum network called Monoplasma. It is reported by CoinDesk.

The creators of the project claim that the technology will help solve the problem of repeat payments from one address to many others. Monoplasma, in their opinion, will be useful to developers of decentralized applications focused on the distribution of dividends, staking and repeated airdrops.

The head of Streamr, Henry Pinkala, also demonstrated fake token airdrop for 200 thousand Ethereum addresses in a test network using Monoplasma.

You can receive money, but you can’t send back the other way. That would be like trying to send a message to your TV. 

Shiv Malik

Head of communications for Streamr

Thus, Monoplasma payment channels are reliably protected from the attack of double waste.

Streamr intends to use a new solution for the mass sale of user data on the blockchain, allowing the buying company to settle accounts with many users at once.