Nvidia to Use AI to 'Clean Up' Photos

Researchers are confident that their method will help improve the quality of astronomical and MRI images
11 July 2018   1262

Researchers from NVIDIA, MIT and Aalto University showed how to reduce the noise level in photos using AI. The team trained its Noise2Noise system for 50,000 images from the ImageNet suite, using NVIDIA Tesla P100 graphics processors and the TensorFlow framework with cuDNN acceleration.

Usually, neural networks look for the difference between two kinds of photographs: noisy and "clean". The new method does not require the preparation of such pairs, the system only provides shots with different levels of interference for training. It determines how to improve the quality of the image, while not inferior to the old methods of correction.


"Noise" is most often found in MRI images, as well as in astronomical photos. Researchers are confident that their method will help improve the quality of such visualization.

Noise2Noise 2

The scientists presented their work at the International Conference on Machine Learning in Stockholm (ICML).

Apple to Acquire Drive.ai

Apple's decision came just in time - management of self-driving car startup was going to lay off a lot employees on Friday, 28.06
27 June 2019   449

Apple confirmed to Axios and The Verge that it bought a startup Drive.ai. As you can guess from the name, he developed the system of unmanned vehicle control. In recent times, things have been going badly. The management was going to close the company on Friday and disband the employees.

Drive.ai tested its technology on the redesigned Nissan NV200s - a bright orange car with several LED screens. They displayed messages for passersby and other road users: that the car gives way to a pedestrian, continues to move or turns into a ramp.

According to The Verge, a year ago, Drive.ai was considered one of the most promising startups in its field. It was estimated at 200 million dollars. According to the publications, Apple paid less for a startup.