OKCoin showed 15k BTC price due to bug

One of the last Chinese cryptocurrency exchange showed the $15 000 Bitcoin price and drop offline
16 November 2017   1094

Yesterday, November 15, due to a technical issue on the platform, the large Chinese cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin began to show the bitcoin price of $ 15,151, after which it went offline. The corresponding screenshots were made by some Twitter users.

CryptoCompare noted that OKCoin got in the break of the space time continuum. 

At the moment of press, OKCoin is online again. Team released official statement regarding this issue.

We sincerely apologise to all OKCoin Users. In response to the inconvenience caused, We would free all trading fees in OKCoin.com from Nov 17 to Nov 24.

OKCoin Team

Well, no trading fees for such long period of time is a great compesation to all users. We hope that OKCoin Team won't face any issues in the future.

Lightning Network Wallet by Breez to be Out For iOs

Solution is based on the lightweight client called Neutrino and it wallet supports Submarine Swaps technology
18 June 2019   215

The Breez payment platform introduced a non-custodial wallet for iPhone that supports the Lightning Network protocol.

The basis of the new product is a lightweight client Neutrino. It is also known that the wallet supports Submarine Swaps technology, which makes it possible to conduct transactions between online addresses and the Lightning Network.

The company's blog says that immediately after installation, the application automatically connects the channel to the so-called Breez hub connected to other Lightning nodes, which allows the user to conduct transactions with any participants in the second-level network. In addition, according to the founder of the company, Ron Scheinfeld, the possibility of a refund is provided in the event of challenging purchases.

In a Lightning economy, people trade money for goods and services. Intermediaries — banks, credit cards, online payment processors, and custodians of any kind — are obsolete. All that remains are the people, trading with each other anywhere, anytime, free to do what each of them thinks is best with their own money. Scale is no longer a concern. Transactions are virtually instantaneous and practically free. The people are free too. Finally.

Roy Sheinfeld
Co-Founder and CEO, Breez

The company also noted that within only two months after the release of the version for Android, Breez benefited from "hundreds of users." Currently, the wallet is in beta.

On the eve of the release of the iOS application, the startup managed to attract $ 500,000 from Recruit Strategic Partners and Fulgur Ventures. The funds will be used to develop an application for merchants, allowing them to accept Lightning-payments.