OKEx Adds New Pairs for Margin Trading

The users of OKEx can borrow tokens, executing positions with 3 times of their capital
11 April 2018   1004

The cryptocurrency exchange OKEx lets its users be involved in a margin trading of tokens. The users can borrow tokens, executing positions with 3 times of their capital. The important thing is that the potential return is therefore maximized, but so is the potential loss. Also, the users can short sell positions by selling borrowed tokens and buying back after a period of time to earn the difference.

On April 11, OKEx has announced adding 7 new trading pairs for margin trading. Among them are:


What is more, OKEx warned its users that they should carefully evaluate the intended investments in light of their knowledge, experience, financial positions and objectives in order to avoid unexpected losses.

Previously, we have reported that OKeX was among those exchanges which had warned users of a fraudulent Centra ICO project and announced their plans to delist CTR tokens.

OKEx to Launch Platform For New Tokens

As follows from the hashtag of Operations Director's tweet, it will be called OK JumpStart
13 March 2019   269

Another follower of Binance and its platform Launchpad is OKEx.

According to Andy Cheung, Operations Director at OKEx, almost everything is ready to launch a platform for new tokens. As follows from the hashtag to tweet, it will be called OK JumpStart.

Additional information about the new platform is not yet known.

Earlier, it was reported that the analogue of Binance Launchpad is launched by Bittrex. The first IEO on the new platform will be held on March 15, and the pioneer will be a RAID project focused on the gaming industry with the XRD token.