OKEx to Deny Hack Rumours

Exchange says there is  problem is exclusively in the displayed balance of the account, while the funds are safe
22 May 2018   1258

The OKEx cryptocurrency exchange has reported on a technical issue, due to which "account balances of a few of our users are not displayed accurately".

According to the company, the problem is exclusively in the displayed balance of the account, while the funds of all users remain in full safety.

Of course, you can rest assured that your funds are safe, secured, and not affected by the recent update. We are currently fixing the issue and have suspended withdrawal service and fiat trading. A further announcement will be made after the services resume.

Please do not worry about any rumors circulating on the internet. We will continue to provide you stable and trusted services as always.

OKEx Team

The scale of the problem is still unclear, but OKEx, anticipating the spread of negative news, urged users not to worry because of rumors in the network. Some users had already reported on issue fixing.

SpaceSkittles Twitter
SpaceSkittles Twitter

We will keep our eyes on this situation and will keep our readers updated. 

OKEx Korea to Delist Anonymous Coins Due to FATF

Monero, ZCash, DASH, Horizen and Super Bitcoin won't be supported starting from 10th of October
16 September 2019   132

The Korean division of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange has announced the delisting of five anonymous coins, as they violate FATF standards.

On October 10, the site will stop supporting Monero, ZCash, DASH, Horizen and Super Bitcoin.

Recall that the FATF obliged the bitcoin exchange and other cryptocurrency service providers (VASPs) to follow AML and CFT procedures similar to traditional financial companies.

VASPs must exchange the personal data of participants in transactions and information about the balance of their wallets.

OKEx Korea emphasized that anonymous cryptocurrencies will not allow the exchange to comply with these rules.