OmiseGo Opened Plasma MVP Repository

OmiseGo announced that Plasma MVP repo is available on GitHub and the developers are working on the project which should bring a scalable on-chain exchange without sacrificing security
18 January 2018   1239

Plasma is project based on blockchain technology developed by Joseph Poon and Vitalik Buterin. Plasma uses child chains reporting to root chains in order to increase transaction throughput without any of the safety concerns that usually come with using smaller chains. As it is stated by the developers of the project, OMG exchange was created in anticipation of Plasma.

Plasma will be used to support a scalable, fully on-chain exchange aiming to make it entirely secure.

The principles of Plasma work are the following: to perform a deposit, users should move assets from a parent chain to a child chain by transferring them to the appropriate Plasma smart contract on Ethereum.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of OmiseGo token:

  • Average price: $19,00
  • Marketcap: $1 939 237 062
  • 24h volume: $111 646 000

Kraken to List OmiseGO and PAX Gold

Trading will be available in OMG/USD, OMG/EUR, OMG/XBT, OMG/ETH, PAXG/USD, PAXG/EUR, PAXG/XBT, PAXG/ETH pairs shorlty after both acceptance
29 October 2019   336

The popular bitcoin exchange Kraken announced the listing of two new assets - OmiseGO (OMG) and PAX Gold (PAXG).

Acceptance of deposits for both assets starts on Tuesday, October 29, at 13:30 UTC. Trading pairs OMG / USD, OMG / EUR, OMG / XBT, OMG / ETH, PAXG / USD, PAXG / EUR, PAXG / XBT, PAXG / ETH will be launched shortly afterwards.

According to the exchange, support for OMG and PAXG will be implemented on the main Kraken platform, as well as on Kraken Pro and the OTC platform.

Futures and margin trading at this stage are not yet available.