Ongoing Hijack DNS Attack to be Found

Attackers use old vulnerabilities and they are targeted at unupdated consumer devices
05 April 2019   304

Researchers at Bad Packets revealed a continuing wave of automated attacks from December aimed at changing DNS settings on home and office routers. In case of a successful attack on the device, DNS servers of attackers are registered, which return fake IP addresses for some domains, which leads to redirection to scam sites created for phishing and capturing authentication parameters.

The attack is aimed at hitting routers running non-updated firmware containing known vulnerabilities. For example, to attack D-Link devices, a vulnerability identified as early as 2015 is used, allowing you to change the DNS settings without passing authentication. To scan the network, hacked Google Cloud environments are used.

During the attack, D-Link routers (DSL-2640B, DSL-2740R, DSL-2780B and DSL-526B), ARG-W4 ADSL, DSLink (260E), Secutech and TOTOLINK are affected. The largest number of compromised systems falls on the D-Link DSL-2640B (14327 vulnerable devices) and TOTOLINK (2265 vulnerable devices) devices. After a successful attack on the device, one of the DNS servers controlled by the attackers is registered:,, and

Bisq Decentelized Exchange v. 1.0 Released

According to GitHib repository, it is written in Java programming language
16 April 2019   239

The developers of Bisq presented a new version of the decentralized exchange (v1.0).

The project repository on GitHub notes that version 1.0 is the most important milestone in the development of the Bisq platform.

Thus, the new version of the software implements a decentralized autonomous organization mechanism (Bisq DAO). It allows exchange users to directly participate in project management.

For example, those who contribute to the development of Bisq may receive rewards in BSQ tokens. Also, the use of these assets can reduce trade commissions by 90%.

Among other changes - bug fixes, minor improvements to the user interface.