Opera browser launches protection from mining

Opera browser is launching Nocoin extension for cryptocurrency mining protection, which is currently in development and will be fully released in January of 2018
26 December 2017   2121

There is a spreading tendency nowadays that miners are minig cryptocurrency on users CPU by the owners of websites, and the most famous browsers aspire to release special extensions in order to prevent that. Opera browser the first one that is launching NoCoin, a cryptocurrency mining protection, which keeps miners away by blocking mining scripts.

Opera cryptocurrency mining protectionOpera cryptocurrecy mining protection

NoCoin will provide users with safe and reliable way to block miners from using their CPU and power without their consent. Moreover, NoCoin is also open source and licensed under MIT.

Currently NoCoin is in development but available in Opera 50 Beta RC, ans the full version of Opera 50 is stated to be released in January 2018.

Bitmain to Release ZEC Antminer Z11

Bitmain claims the new miner is three times more powerful than its predecessor
19 March 2019   91

The largest manufacturer of equipment for the extraction of cryptocurrency Bitmain introduced the device Antminer Z11 for mining ZCash and other cryptocurrencies based on the Equihash algorithm. The company claims that the new miner is three times more powerful than its predecessor.

Antminer Z11 hash performance is 135 KSol / s. At the same time energy efficiency of the device reaches 10.50 J / KSol.

Note that the miner is based on a 12-nanometer chip, developed using Bare Die casting technology for best heat dissipation.