Oracle to develop new blockchain product

IT giant is developing a new blockhain based solution, designed for supply chain management 
03 October 2017   1199

Oracle, the largest manufacturer of enterprise software and server hardware, announced that it will introduce a blockbased platform for supply chains management next year.

Blockchain holds the promise to fundamentally transform how business is done, making business-to-business interactions more secure, transparent, and efficient.

Larry Ellison
Executive chairman and CTO, Oracle

The platform is being developed for the corporate sector and is currently at the beta stage. The platform is based on the Hyperledger Fabric technology, used, in particular, by such giants as IBM, Cisco, SAP and Intel. 

Oracle's support for Hyperledger Fabric is great to seeю It's one more validation of the market acceptance of what we believe can become a standard platform for enterprise distributed ledger applications.

Brian Behlendorf
Executive director, Hyperledger Project

Hackers made $226K in Monero breaking into Oracle WebLogic

The attacks started in December of 2017 as a group hackers installed Monero miners on Oracle WebLogic Servers, which led to hackers' profit of a quarter million dollars
12 January 2018   1182

Oracle WebLogic Server is a Java EE application server currently developed by Oracle Corporation. The experts at the SANS Technology Institute and Morphus Labs reported that a group of hackers was attacking Oracle weblogic Servers from December 2017, using the exploit code for the CVE-2017-10271 vulnerability in Oracle WebLogic servers, patched by Oracle in October 2017 and leaked to the web.

The hackers reportedly chose that vulnerability as it was not difficult to use it through Internet to put the malicious code on the Weblogic server, and the exploit included IP scanner that searched for vulnerable hosts, which eventually let hackers make $226.000 worth 611 Monero coins installing a cryptocurrency miner.

The attackers had access to all the information in PeopleSoft that is touching WebLogic servers, but rather than sell this information on the black market, which takes more work than writing a simple script to exploit the system and drop crypto mining software on it, they probably thought they could get more money by crypto mining.

Johannes Ullrich

Dean of research, SANS Technology Institute

Despite the fact that hackers were able to steal significant corporate data or install ransomware, they only installed a cryptocurrency miner to mine Monero hoping that high CPU use of the server stayes unnoticed.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Monero:

  • Average price: $370,66
  • Marketcap: $5 779 654 391
  • 24h volume: $150 136 000