Orchid: anonymous blockchain Internet browser

Private Internet project Orchid by Andreessen Horowitz, Blockchain Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and many more
28 October 2017   3162

One of the most influential names in the cryptocurrency world are to work on the creation of a truly private Internet.

Andreessen Horowitz, Blockchain Capital, Compound VC, Crunchfund, Danhua, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, MetaStable, Polychain Capital, Sequoia and Struck Capital announce a $4.7 million investment in a new startup called Orchid Labs Inc. Among the co-founders of the project are Steve Waterhouse, Gustav Simonsson, Stephen Bell and Brian Fox.

This is about anti-surveillance and anti-censorship, the ability to not be tracked. We see this not just in China or the Middle East, but in this country, in states that are considered to be free. If you go back in history, there was a lot more concern about privacy on the internet before Facebook.

Steve Waterhouse
Pantera Capital

The man sees Orchid's token working within these margins, going so far as to suggest large internet applications such as Facebook could eventually become users of the tech to anonymize their own traffic.

As for the ICO, the Orchid token (CHI) will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. However, as coindesk.com details, unlike other decentralized internet attempts, Waterhouse believes Orchid would offer software for the exit and routing nodes that form the network itself, marking a differentiator, in that the underlying infrastructure wouldn't be altered. In practice, users would use the Internet as they do today, but exchanging tokens with these nodes as a means of protecting their information from internet service providers (ISPs) and carriers, or providing it to an intermediary like a virtual private network (VPN).

You're paying to access the relay nodes and encrypt and anonymize the traffic, and all the way along the chain, the nodes are being paid.

Steve Waterhouse
Pantera Capital

According to the Orchid co-founder, it would utilize techniques to make Orchid protocol traffic indistinguishable from typical Internet traffic.

As reported, a beta launch is not expected until early 2018.

ICOs to Sell 400k ETH in a Month

Some recent leading ICO projects at the same time turned out to be the main sellers of ETH
17 December 2018   75

Over the past 30 days, ICO-startups have sold 416,000 ETH - the largest amount for the monthly period since this summer.

In August, such startups sold only 100,000 ETH, and in September the amount rose to 300,000 ETH. In November, they liquidated 100,000 ETH in one week and over 400,000 ETH in the last month, reports Trustnodes, citing data from Santiment.

This is still significantly lower than in January-March, when 630,000 ETH was sold in March only for one day. Some of these sales were probably related to EOS. When they sold all the Ether, the situation has noticeably stabilized and remained so until recently.

Some leading ICO projects at the same time turned out to be the main sellers. SingularDTV was the largest of them, but not too far ahead of Aragon and Kyber.

Status also actively eliminated cryptocurrency, but all four still have large stocks of ETH. All monitored ICO Santiment currently has about 2.9 million ETH in the amount of only $ 290 million - so much the last year the leading ICOs cost separately.

For a long time, the reserves of ICO-projects amounted to about 3.3 million ETH, despite the prolonged decline in the crypto market and the popularity of this method of collecting funding, since they were compensated by new campaigns. The fall of this indicator by 400,000 ETH makes it possible to conclude that the attraction of new funding in recent weeks has stopped, probably along with the actions of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)