Original Owner Get MyEtherWallet Twitter Account Back

It looks like the MyEtherWallet vs MyCrypto drama resolved
15 February 2018   1326

MyEtherWallet's account on Twitter, a few days ago, suddenly changed owners and the name, returned to the hands of the previous team.

Mycrypto tweet
MyCrypto tweet

The tweet of MyCrypto also notes that the team "is uncomfortable to leave such an important communication tool in the hands of an inactive participant, but the new managers assured that security announcements will continue to be regularly published."

This information was confirmed by the representatives of MyEtherWallet.

MyEtherWallet.com tweet
MyEtherWallet.com tweet

Disagreements between the founders of MyEtherWallet led to the emergence of contradictory and rumors in the community. Nevertheless, the service continues to operate under the same name and with the same user base, albeit without an officially registered company.

The story began to develop after on the night of Friday, February 9, the official Twitter account MyEtherWallet changed its name to MyCrypto without warning. Many users suggested that the account was compromised, but it soon became clear that it represents the same product, and some developers carried out the "fork" of the project and re-branding.

Abnormal High Ethereum Miners Reward to be Found

Reward for Ethereum block # 7 238 290, mined by Sparkpool, was 2103,1485 ETH
20 February 2019   72

The Sparkpool mining pool received a payment of more than 2000 ETH for the extraction of block # 7 238 290. This is 600 times higher than the standard remuneration of the network at 3 ETH.

So, the pool included 210 transactions in block and received 2103,1485 ETH. This incident is instantly overgrown with different versions.

Jimmy Chong, co-founder of the decentralized IOST application, suggested that one or more users might accidentally set a transaction fee at an extremely high level.

Tokenview Info
Tokenview Info

Other explorers do not exclude that someone could anonymously support the community of miners. Skeptics say that attackers could launder money in this way.