Oyster is launching its Mainnet

The Oyster team has delayed the release if the Mainnet due to the technical complications in April and the launch is scheduled on May 29
28 May 2018   1116

Back in April, the Oyster team has decided to postpone the Mainnet launch until May 29. The reason for the delay was due to the fact IOTA did not implement the Tangle features on time. The Tangle is supposed to be the backbone of the Internet-of-Things and provide Swarm Intelligence and sharding for the whole system.

Sharding is essential for the Oyster Mainnet because the Oyster protocol will serve large-scale redundant file storage. As the main Tangle lacked the sharding, the Oyster development moved to a private Tangle. This move resulted in re-architecting the backend already provided by the Oyster testnets.

Oyster is building a unique platform for anonymous decentralized storage and plans to revolutionize the way websites monetize their content. The Oyster Mainnet will involve the use of real funds. At the moment of publication, the Oyster market parameters are as follows:

Average price 0.547023 USD
Market cap 42,649,702 USD
Volume (24H) 548,263 USD

Binance to Launch Crypto-Fiat Exchange at Jersey

The new exchange will feature BTC / GBP, ETH / GBP, BTC / EUR and ETH / EUR trading pairs
16 January 2019   72

Binance has opened a branch at Jersey island, targeting Europe and the UK. Its clients will be able to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum for the euro and the British pound. 

The new exchange will feature BTC / GBP, ETH / GBP, BTC / EUR and ETH / EUR trading pairs. To start trading, users must undergo KYC verification.

According to Binance CFO Ju Wei, bidding cryptocurrencies for fiat money will provide Europeans with new opportunities in the face of uncertainty with Brexit affecting the euro and the pound.

Wei also stressed that a strong legal framework makes Jersey one of the leaders in the development of blockchain technology.