P2P-platform for ETH trading opened

Localethereum, a P2P-platform for Ethereum cryptocurrency trading, opened
25 September 2017   671

After a year of rigorous development, a new P2P-platform localethereum.com opens for registration, the project blog says.

As the team claims, they are giving away "hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees to give the marketplace a kick-start".

Localethereum is a secure peer-to-peer marketplace where the user has complete control over their funds and trades. The company argues that it is helping to make Ethereum more liquid by allowing traders to side-step the frustrations of centralised exchanges which are infamous for locking-up or losing customer funds.

All ether deposited into localethereum is sent to a client-side-encrypted wallet. This wallet lives entirely in the browser and the staff can never touch the funds. When trading with another user, messages are end-to-end encrypted using a secure algorithm, and escrow is performed with a smart contract between the two parties, as detailed by the team. 

localethereum.com website localethereum.com website

On the home page of the website there's a message about the opportunity to register an account. It is also reported that the first three months of trade will be carried out without commissions. The start of trading is scheduled for October 21st.

Swansea Hosts Blockchain and Distributed Energy Conference

The BEW'18, which will be held on February 19, 2018 in Swansea, UK, is a must-attend for people who are interested in the cutting edge of blockchain
19 February 2018   239

The Blockchain Energy Wales'18 Conference will be held on February 19, 2018 in Swansea, United Kingdom.

The conference will introduce Klenergy and their Pylon Network, which is a decentralised energy exchange platform powered by renewable energy. The BEW'18 is a must-attend for people who are interested in the cutting edge of blockchain, distributed energy, peer2peer and smart technology.

BEW conference location swanseaBEW'18 Exact Location

Location: TechHub Swansea, 221 Stryd Fawr, Swansea SA1 1NW, UK
Time: from 9AM to 1.30PM

The headline speakers include Paul Harwood, Basicincome supporter and advocate, and David Clubb, director of RUKCymru and head of digital RenewableUK.

The agenda of the conference is as follows: Blockchain technology and its application in the energy sector, future of blockchain wallet systems, buildings as power stations, building the open-source co-operation protocol for the energy sector, and more.