Parity: new vulnerability found

Are Parity's users fund are in danger again? Let's try to figure it out
07 November 2017   1363

Users' funds on Parity wallets with multi-signature are blocked as a result of activation of a critical vulnerability in a smart contract / library. 

As noted in the statement, a new version of the smart contract from Parity was published on July 20 - a day after the theft of $ 30 million as a result of the vulnerability of the wallet.sol contract. However, the new version also showed problems.

This smart contract / library can be turned into a regular wallet with a multi-signature and set over it with the initWallet function.

On Monday, November 6, one of the users most likely accidentally activated the vulnerability and the contract was given a command to self-destruct, resulting in a lot of wallets with a mulp signature created after July 20, lost the ability to display tokens.

Parity Technologies analyzes the situation and will soon make a statement and instructions.

Parity Ethereum Client v2.0 to be Released

Developers have created Parity Ethereum exclusively for mining pools, exchanges and other infrastructure nodes
19 July 2018   685

Parity Technologies has introduced a new version of the full node software for the Ethereum network called Parity Ethereum v2.0.0.

This major release comes with some notable changes. First and most importantly, Parity Ethereum is built to serve as expert software for production use and shouldn’t be considered end-user software or an “Ethereum Wallet.” It is meant for mission-critical use in mining pools, exchanges, or any other type of infrastructure or service provider.

Parity Team

The Parity Ethereum client is able to interact with various consensus mechanisms, provides the choice between the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) and the WebAssembly virtual machine (WasmVM), and it supports private transactions and the creation of special lists of nodes to restrict access to certain contracts.

Moreover, users should not perceive the new version of the software as a product for the end-user or Ethereum-purse, as the developers have created Parity Ethereum exclusively for mining pools, exchanges and other infrastructure nodes. This version is specialized.

The client also lacks a graphical user interface, known as the Parity wallet.