Parity replied to Cisco's vulnerability report

According to the representatives of Parity, vulnerabilities are fixed
12 January 2018   209

Parity Technologies said that the vulnerabilities found by the Cisco Systems Inc. have been fixed in new versions of the Ethereum client software.

As stated in the developers' statement, the JSON-RPC interface, which supports the function of cross-domain requests, could really provide attackers with public information about an account to create an application for "undesirable transactions" and provide these transactions for signature to the user.

However, the company emphasizes, a potential leak of information could not contain confidential information, including private keys. All problems associated with the JSON-RPC interface have been fixed in the latest Parity software updates.

In addition, developers have changed the basic settings of the function of cross-domain requests in order to avoid information leakage. Now users must manually add secure domains to the whitelist in order to allow Parity software to interact with them.

Parity wallet is well known in cryptocurrency world. In July, hackers stole millions of dollars thru the vulnerability, which was fixed in few lines or code. In November, 513774.16 ETH got "froze".

Parity will not conduct Ethereum Hardfork

According to Parity's spokesperson, they got the "clear and loud" feedback from the community and decided to look for other options except hardfork
18 December 2017   531

The developer of software for Ethereum blockchain Parity Technologies may refuse to make changes to the network protocols to unlock $275 frozen on wallets with multi-signature, reports CoinDesk.

Actually, I don’t want to talk about it, except that one point is that Parity doesn’t want to follow up on the proposals, because we see the feedback was clear and loud.

Afri Schoedon

Spokesperson, Parity

He also added that the developers will not continue working on existing proposals to update the network to unlock the funds, and will consider alternative solutions.

It is worth reminding that due to issue, users' funds for hundreds of thousands dollars were "frozen". One of the most possible ways to solve this was named a new Ethereum hardfork.