Parity supports SegWit, SegWit2x and Bitcoin Cash

Parity Bitcoin client now supports SegWit, SegWit2x and Bitcoin Cash
31 August 2017   3443

A full-node implementation of the Bitcoin protocol written in Rust, the Parity Bitcoin client, announces its recent upgrade that includes support for SegWit, SegWit2x and Bitcoin Cash.

Thus, according to the company, Parity Bitcoin does not favour any scaling approach or any chain fork rule over another. However, the company's users have to be able to decide which version of Bitcoin they wish to run. This decision received a great feedback from the community so far.

The way it should be. Thanks parity for allowing your users to decide what they want.

DeezoNutso user

However, as reported, Parity Bitcoin defaults to the Bitcoin chain with the majority of hashrate with SegWit enabled. Users supporting user activated hard-fork can use the --bitcoin-cash flag to synchronize the Bitcoin Cash chain. In addition, the client allows support for SegWit2x by passing the --segwit2x parameter.

OKEx Ex-CEO to Intend to Raise $40M

Funds are needed for the new exchange called ACDX, which will offer  futures, options, revocable bear/bullish contracts and more
06 February 2020   559

Andy Cheung, who until recently was the operating director of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange, will open a new derivative trading platform ACDX by the end of the first quarter, CoinDesk reports. The exchange will offer its clients futures, options, revocable bear / bullish contracts, debt contracts and fixed coupon notes.

One of our main goals for the exchange is to provide retail investors with ... structured products that are more commonly used by accredited crypto investors and wealth managers.


Andy Cheung

Former chief operating officer at OKEx

In the future, ACDX plans to reach a global level, but first of all it will gather a client base in Asia, using the connections of Cheung and partners in Hong Kong and China. In preparation for the launch, she intends to raise $ 40 million through the sale of tokens and shares in her business to crypto funds, private investment firms and family capital management companies in Europe and Asia. 

We have over $4 million so far and most of the money comes from our own funds. We are in talks with potential investors and likely to announce new investments in the next two months.


Andy Cheung

Former chief operating officer at OKEx

To date, ACDX has hired more than 25 employees, including eight developers who are preparing the trading platform for launch.