ParkByte to be delisted on Bittrex

ParkByte reported that its coin is going to be delisted on Bittrex exchange platform effective on April 6 due to regulation incompliance
01 April 2018   296

ParkByte has announced that its native token PKB will be delisted on Bittrex exchange effective on April 6. ParkByte Ltd. regretted the decision stating that it is powerless to control third-party companies actions. Bittrex actually contacted ParkByte a month earlier with a request to pass the regulation compliance and complete a full review. Naturally, the process required a lot of legal documents and detailed analysis on PKD to be submitted to the exchange in accordance with the recent SEC rulings. ParkByte failed to make it in a 7-day period, as was assigned by Bittrex.

The delisting ultimately is due to Bittrex strictly adhering to US regulations, and many other coins are expected the same fate. Nevertheless, ParkByte is still an active project led by a one-person dev team. ParkByte has grown into a big project and no money were taken from the project by the developer, thus it will take time to pay the bills.

At the time of the publication, the market indicators of ParkByte are as follows:

Average price: $0.101102

Market cap: $481,653

Volume (24H): $11,376

Bittrex is delisting Synergycoin

After a long silence from the developers Bittrex has announced it is delisting Synergycoin active on April 27
19 April 2018   120

Bittrex Support desk has released an announcement stating the removal of BTC-SNRG market on April 27. SNRG is a token of cryptocurrency startup Synergy. The coin initially featured built-in TOR network anonymization, public transaction comments, dual key stealth addresses (a way to hide the receiver of a coin), blockchain notary (a tool for incorporating a PoE into the blockchain) and a long-term blockchain validation (using the SHA256d algorithm).

Judging by the relatively recent posts on the official coin forum (1 and 2) the development halted for an unknown period of time with no communication with the developers team representative. Bittrex was one of the top stakers of the coin, and that fact provided the price stability for some time. Since the situation has not changed since last pump (November, 2017), the coin will be delisted.

At the moment of publication, Synergy market parameters are as follows

  • Average price: $0.559445
  • Market cap: $2,005,214
  • Volume (24H): $17,086