Part of MyEtherWallets to be Under a Thread

New security issue is related to  free Hola VPN plug-in, which is installed on 50 000 000 computers
10 July 2018   1565

One of the most popular Ethereum wallets, MyEtherWallet suffered from the second major security breach in the last year, after the widely used VPN service was compromised. This is reported by TechCrunch.

MyEtherWallet warned its users using the free Hola VPN plug-in, which is installed on 50 million computers, that they could become victims of an attack aimed at stealing cryptocurrency.

The company stated that Hola was compromised for 5 hours. Users who used the plug-in and their wallet may lose the funds stored on it. MyEtherWallet recommends that everyone who used the wallet and VPN during the last 24 hours to transfer their funds to a new address.

MyEtherWallet Twitter
MyEtherWallet Twitter

In a conversation with TechCrunch, the MyEtherWallet team reported that it assumes that the attack originated from the Russian IP address.

The safety and security of MEW users is our priority. We’d like to remind our users that we do not hold their personal data, including passwords so they can be assured that the hackers would not get their hands on that information if they have not interacted with the Hola chrome extension in the past day.

MEW Team

Earlier, MyEtherWallet was already the victim of the attack. Then a DNS server was hacked, which allowed the hacker to redirect users to a phishing copy of the site.

CFTC Head to Report on ETH Futures Launch Date

Also, speaking at the DC Fintech Week summit, head of agency said that the status of the asset may change over time
22 October 2019   63

Regulated Ethereum futures will appear within six months or a year, said Heath Tarbert, chairman of the U.S. derivatives trading commission (CFTC).

At the DC Fintech Week summit, the head of the agency reaffirmed that the status of the asset may change over time. A security can become a commodity and vice versa.

He also believes that derivatives will appear on other cryptocurrencies.