Payza launched new feature for altcoin holders

According to the representatives of popular payment system, soon there will be a possibility of direct conversion of altcoins
19 December 2017   697

The popular payment system Payza has introduced a new feature for convenient altcoin conversion.

Currently, the payment system supports 45 different crypto-currencies. At first, in order to exchange one altcoin for another, you need to sell and purchase the appropriate coins for USD. However, developers assure that soon there will be a possibility of direct conversion of altcoins, without a cross-rate.

Altcoins Available for Payza Exchange
Altcoins Available for Payza Exchange

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows, so are Payza’s cryptocurrency features and services. At Payza, we are committed to giving our members a complete online payments solution, which means incorporating Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies into our platform.

Payza Team

According to company representatives, soon the users of Payza will be able to store the altcois purchased with this payment system directly on the platform, without using third-party wallets. At the same time, the first fully integrated altcoin will be DASH. 

Payza added new feature for Bitcoin holders

Popular online payment platform launched new Bitcoin-related conversion option
19 August 2017   2655

Payza, an online payment platform, launched new Bitcoin service. Now Bitcoin conversion to fiat money will be automated.

At the moment, new function is available only for bitcoins, which are already on the user's account. If the client keeps the bitcoins on a third-party purse, he will have to transfer them to his Payza account first, then transfer it to the card.

To transfer bitcoins to the Payza card, users must initiate a withdrawal operation on their account by selecting the card as a withdrawal method. When choosing a currency balance for withdrawals, user need to select bitcoin. Crypto currency will be automatically converted into dollars and credited to the card.

The company also updated its mobile application, in which a new feature of automatic bitcoin conversion was added to the old functions.