Payza now supports additional 50 Bitcoin alternatives

Big update of worldwide payment processor
22 June 2017   2855

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A well-known payment processor, Payza, today announced that 50 different Bitcoin alternatives are now added to its Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Now Payza allows verified users, through their e-wallets, to exchange their Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash and other cryptocurrencies into US dollars which can be sent to their prepaid cards.

According to official website, Payza has over 9 million clients in 197 countries and 21 different currencies. It includes support of e-commerce processing, corporate disbursements and remittances.

Full Bitcoin support by Payza was announced last month. Now customers are able to buy and sell Bitcoin, merchants can accept Bitcoin as a payment option, and all verified Payza account holders can have Bitcoin within their e-wallets.

The company has big plans to provide a one-step cryptocurrency loading option. This allows clients to load their prepaid cards from Bitcoin or altcoin exchanges in just one action.

Payza began limited bitcoin support for 190 countries in 2014. It became more popular when Charlie Shrem, a popular Bitcoin enthusiast who was sentenced to two years in prison for funneling bitcoins to Silk Road, consulted the company how to integrate bitcoin while he was under house arrest.

According to the mass media, Firoz Patel, Payza’s CEO commented that Payza is committed to providing its members with a complete online payments and e-commerce solution.

BTC Invesment Profitability to Exceed Traditional Assets

This conclusion was made by Binance Research team in study "What Bear Market?"; since begining of the year the BTC has grown by more than 50%, while oil by 33%
08 May 2019   320

Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has grown faster than traditional market assets, including oil, technology companies, real estate and gold. This conclusion was made by Binance Research in the new study "What Bear Market?"

Since the beginning of the year, the price of Bitcoin has grown by more than 50%, while oil - by 33%, tech stocks - by 18%. The price of gold in five months slipped by 1%.

Recently, however, some factors have emerged that may put pressure on the price of Bitcoin. Thus, the recovery of BTC growth slowed down somewhat amid news of a hacker attack on the popular Binance exchange itself, as a result of which 7,000 BTC ($ 40.5 million) were stolen.

Another potentially negative factor for the price of Bitcoin could be the upcoming IEO of the Bitfinex exchange, where Tether stablecoins will be used to purchase LEO tokens for $ 1 billion. It can lead to situation when large players can may actively sell BTC.