PBOC Can Change Its Opinion of Crypto

Experts believe that the new head of the People's Bank of China (PBOC) can direct the regulatory policy of the agency in a different direction
20 March 2018   210

Yi Gang, who was "unexpectedly" appointed as Governor of the People's Bank, had already spoken about Bitcoin in a positive way. This is reported by Cointelegraph.

So, in 2013 he said that the major cryptocurrency cannot be legally recognized by the PBOC in the near future. However, at the same time, he recognized the transactional potential of Bitcoin, adding that, “ordinary people have the freedom to participate.”

In addition, unlike the deputy head of the People's Bank, who said last December that Bitcoin was destined to "die" Gang said that the crypto currency would attract public attention for a long time.

According to Tommy Xie who represents China in Singapore's OCBC Bank, for several years now the new governor has made a significant contribution to the country's economic reforms.

Currently, China's policy towards the crypto-currencies remains unchanged - the country is banned ICO and any exchanges.

Australia joins the crypto-discussions arena with Bitcoin & Blockchain Fair

The inaugural Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair will be presented at the Sydney Showgrounds on May 12-13 with an all-round program about cryptocurrency and blockchain
21 April 2018   24

A high profile event in cryptocurrency and blockchain is coming to Sydney, Australia on May 12-13 – Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair. The conference will provide a platform to interact and discuss on all areas of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology sectors (fintech, investment, venture capital, regulation, ICO, etc.), current opportunities and perspectives in the form of a Forum and an Exhibition Showcases.

The Exhibition Showcase that will allow to exhibit showcases and engage with crypto services providers, government and fintech startups. Forum is the bulk of the conference and is comprised of 2-day sessions to allow international speakers and industry leaders of the crypto and blockchain sectors a chance to share their expertise. May 12 is focusing on cryptocurrency and ICO engagement; May 13 wil cover blockchain technology overview, case studies, solutions and future trends.

The fair is organized by ABF Business and Principal Sponsor Coinspot. Exhibitors and Speakers include attendees from Asia, Europe and USA together with key Australian high profile crypto & blockchain enterprises. The full agenda of the event can be found here.