PEAR to be Hacked

Hackers managed to change the "go pear.phar"; a lot of users' systems can be compromised
21 January 2019   2325

Traces of hacking of the official repository of packages PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository), offering additional functions and classes for the PHP language, are reported. During the attack, the attackers managed to gain access to the project’s web server and make changes to the "go pear.phar" file, which contains the installation package with the go pear package manager. The modification was carried out 6 months ago.

The systems of PHP users who have installed the go-pear package manager from the phar archive for the last 6 months can potentially be compromised (as a rule, this installation is practiced by Windows users). To check for the presence of malicious code in the installed file, it is recommended to compare the hashes of the user's go-pear.phar  archive with a similar version of the archive delivered through the official repository on GitHub (the repository on GitHub is not compromised, the file has been changed to the PEAR web server). The MD5 hash of the known variant with the malicious code is "1e26d9dd3110af79a9595f1a77a82de7".

Details are not reported. Until the completion of the proceedings and the complete reassembly of the contents of the site, PEAR server operation was stopped.

Hackers to Use XSS Vulnerability in WP Plugin

Online stores are the victims of hacker attacks, but the patch is already available
14 March 2019   988

Hackers install backdoors on websites of online stores through XSS vulnerability in WordPress plugin. Only administrators and privileged users can use the plugin - this allows you to run malicious code with high-level rights.

The plugin Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce has more than 20 thousand downloads, it is widely distributed. The developers have already released a patch in version 5.2.