PEAR to be Hacked

Hackers managed to change the "go pear.phar"; a lot of users' systems can be compromised
21 January 2019   3002

Traces of hacking of the official repository of packages PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository), offering additional functions and classes for the PHP language, are reported. During the attack, the attackers managed to gain access to the project’s web server and make changes to the "go pear.phar" file, which contains the installation package with the go pear package manager. The modification was carried out 6 months ago.

The systems of PHP users who have installed the go-pear package manager from the phar archive for the last 6 months can potentially be compromised (as a rule, this installation is practiced by Windows users). To check for the presence of malicious code in the installed file, it is recommended to compare the hashes of the user's go-pear.phar  archive with a similar version of the archive delivered through the official repository on GitHub (the repository on GitHub is not compromised, the file has been changed to the PEAR web server). The MD5 hash of the known variant with the malicious code is "1e26d9dd3110af79a9595f1a77a82de7".

Details are not reported. Until the completion of the proceedings and the complete reassembly of the contents of the site, PEAR server operation was stopped.

PHP 7.4 to be Available

The giant number of features and improvements are included in the newest update
02 December 2019   189

After a year of development, the release of the PHP 7.4 programming language is presented. The new branch includes a series of new features, as well as several changes that violate compatibility.

Key improvements in PHP 7.4:

  • Typed Properties
  • Arrow Functions
  • Limited Return Type Covariance and Argument Type Contravariance
  • Unpacking Inside Arrays
  • Numeric Literal Separator
  • Weak References
  • Allow Exceptions from __toString()
  • Opcache Preloading
  • Several Deprecations
  • Extensions Removed from the Core

The functions get_magic_quotes_gpc (), get_magic_quotes_runtime (), hebrevc (), convert_cyr_string (), money_format (), ezmlm_hash (),restore_include_path (), ldap_control_paged_result_response__preport (), are declared obsolete.

A warning is provided about using an outdated feature when trying to process invalid characters in the base_convert (), bindec (), octdec (), and hexdec () functions, as well as when specifying a non-string pattern in mb_ereg_replace ().

Get more information at the official website.