Peer-to-peer insurance model is promoted with a fresh partnership

Insurance industry in China is one the fastest growing insurance markets in the world
14 February 2018   962

On February 13 iXledger of London has announced its partnership with the Chinese InsChain. As the Chinese insurance market is growing rapidly, it needs to ensure easy interaction and efficiency among many actors of the market. iXledger’s IXT token has proved to be a reliable way of microtransactions across blockchain enabled ecosystems.

As a result of this partnership iXledger’s utility token will be accepted on the InsChain platform for peer-to-peer services throughout Greater China Region.

This interoperability enables the creation of new insurance products and services, while enabling price discovery with total control and transparency.


Cristina Dolan

Co-Founder and President US, iXledger


We are excited to partner with iXledger, they understand the blockchain enabled Market Economy and have the technical experience required to build the next generation blockchain platforms that will power insurance related ecosystems. This partnership will enable consumers and businesses to participate in new insurance models like our InsChain peer-to-peer product


William Bu

InsChain CEO

iXledger provides a robust platform for buyng and selling insurance: the listings are real-time and are based on a blockchain. Ethereum blockchain is accompanied with a NoSQL database for fast access to different data such as medical records or other confidential information.

On the other hand, InsChain is an extendable blockchain-based alternative insurance full workflow platform that combines blockchain, IoT and AI. AI part is responsible for the initial interaction with the client in order to obtain all the necessary information, build a decision tree and provide the result on the conditions of the possible insurance.

Mastercard to Open Crypto Related Vacancies

Compnay is looking for Product Development - Blockchain Solution Engineer, Product Management - Crypto/Wallets, and VP of product management in the DLT field
05 August 2019   134

Mastercard has opened three senior-level vacancies for the development of projects in the field of cryptocurrencies, payments based on them and wallets, The Block draws attention with reference to the information published by the company.

One of the vacancies is entitled “Product Development - Blockchain Solution Engineer”, another - “Product Management - Cryptocurrencies / Wallets”, and the third - vice president of product management in the blockchain field. New employees will "work in a multifunctional team focused on franchising, legal compliance, regulation, products, experimental research, regions and technologies, with the aim of developing new products and services."

Two positions require candidates to have experience in managing cryptocurrency storage products. What exactly needs to be developed for these employees, the company does not specify. It is possible that they may be engaged in the creation of a custodial solution in the framework of cooperation between Mastercard and Facebook, The Block notes.

Mastercard is one of the 27 founding members of the Facebook-announced Libra cryptocurrency project. Members of the organization are invited to develop their own applications for the Libra blockchain, including alternative cryptocurrency wallets.