Venezuela's Petro Pre-sale and ICO Dates Announced

38,4 million tokens of Venezuela's cryptocurrency Petro will be released during pre-sale from February 20 (04:00 UTC) to March 19 (04:00 UTC), while the ICO will be held from March 20
20 February 2018   1096

Venezuelan cryptocurrency Petro received a mixed response from the country's population and from foreign investors. While the critics and the opposition think that it's just a way to not get sanctioned or kicked out of the office for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, some foreign investors have really taken interest in the new oil-backed cryptocurrency.

Largest support is promised by Brazil as their businessmen are prepared to invest $300 million with a starting investment of $100 million. Also, according to Venezuela’s Minister of Foreign Trade and International Investment José Vielma Mora other countries such as Canada, Poland, Denmark, Honduras, Norway, and Vietnam, have expressed interest in utilizing Petro coin for international trade. All these countries as of now are willing to receive Petro in payment for food and medicine, which is desperately needed in Venezuela in current situation.

So, President Maduro has already ordered the issuance of first 100 million of Petro tokens for the upcoming pre-sale. It will take place from February 20 (04:00 UTC) to March 19 (04:00 UTC). 38,4 million tokens will be released for the pre-sale, and they can be converted to Petro coins at any moment between the coin launch date and the end of the initial offer.

ICO will be held from March 20 (04:00 UTC), so, a day after the end of the pre-sale. 44 million Petro will be available for purchase at $60 per coin, which is the price of a barrel of crude oil in Venezuela at the end of the second week of January. The price may be changed, according to the white paper.

On 20th February president of Venezuela reported on Twitter about the begin of pre-sale of El Petro.

According to the head of oil-rich Venezuela, this digital currency is designed to strengthen the economy of the country, suffering from the crisis and US sanctions.

Former SpaceX Engineer to Launch Crypto Exchange

Earlier CEO of LXDX Joshua Greenwald worked as the engineer on automation and propulsion systems at SpaceX
18 September 2018   93

The supplier of exchange technologies and services LXDX launches a new trading platform for digital assets. This is reported by the publication LeapRate with reference to the company's CEO Joshua Greenwald.

He said that the new platform will make institutional trade instruments available to a wide range of crypto traders.

Our immediate focus is on cryptocurrency and enabling every investor to utilize the exclusive tools, like smart order routing, that only institutions previously could access. When we built top tier infrastructure for traditional markets, our team solved many of the same problems facing cryptocurrency exchanges today. We are excited to bring a higher caliber of technology to cryptocurrency investors everywhere.

Joshua Greenwald


The site will fully meet the requirements of KYC / AML.

Earlier Joshua Greenwald worked as the engineer on automation and propulsion systems at SpaceX. His startup received support from large investors, one of which was the venture fund Dymon Asia. In September, LXDX moved to Malta.