PgBackMan 1.2.0 available now

New version of popular PostgreSQL related tool released
05 July 2017   2814

An object-relational database management system with an emphasis on extensibility and standards compliance.

PgBackMan is a tool for managing PostgreSQL logical backups created with pg_dump and pg_dumpall.

It is designed to manage backups from thousands of databases running in multiple PostgreSQL nodes, and it supports a multiple backup server topology.

This new update provides some new features and fixes bugs from version 1.1.0. Source files, RPM and DEB files are available at GitHub.

Features list:

  • Add dbname exception field to "register snapshot definition"
  • Add dbname exception field to "register backup definitions"
  • Possibility of defining multiple snapshots definitions in one command
  • Update "show pgbackman config" to show more information
  • Define a default backup server in all backup servers inputs.
  • Possibility of generating CSV and JSON output with all show_* pgbackman commands
  • Refactor the code used to manage command line parameters and define new parameters.
  • Automatic compression of cluster type backups if gzip is available.
  • New command to move backup definitions between backup servers.
  • Add support for postgreSQL 9.

Migration to 1.2.0

Upgrade to new version is always important task and it has to be complited very carefully. You can have more info at this section.

Issues fixed:

  • "show job queues" view does not show the right domain for pgsql_nodes.
  • Backup definitions of type CLUSTER getting DELETE status. 

Ruby/RoR News Digest 14 - 20.12

Importing images with Webpacker, Rubon on Rails in Visual Studio code in 2020, RubyGems 3.1.2 and much more interesting things
20 December 2019   338

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Ruby news digest.

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  • Ruby on Rails with Visual Studio Code in 2020

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  • A look inside the weather machine

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  • Strings::Numeral

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  • RubyGems 3.1.2

According to the official descrition, it includes small enhancements and bug fixes, but it's one of the key parts of Rails ecosystem, so maybe it's time to update