Philippines Plans to Earn $67M With Crypto Licenses

The first deputy head of CEZA said that the authorities charge $ 360,000 for the principal and $ 85,000 for a regular license,
11 July 2018   323

The authorities of the Cagayan Economic Zone of the Philippines intend to earn $ 67 million in licensing exchanges of cryptocurrency exchange. This is reported by CoinDesk.

The Cagayan Economic Zone Administration (CEZA) announced that it issued the principle operating license to the Hong Kong cryptoexchange.

CEZA reported that the license was issued under the program for the issuance of 25 principle licenses for crypto exchanges. Each company that has received such a license will be able to independently release at least 4 ordinary licenses.

The first deputy head of CEZA, Raymundo Roquero, said that the authorities charge $ 360,000 for the principal and $ 85,000 for a regular license, but did not explain what the difference between the two licenses is.

He also noted that CEZA intends to earn 3,6 billion pesos or about $ 67 million for issuance of licenses for cryptocurrency companies. Besides the license fee paid once, the admitted exchanges are obliged to pay CEZA at 0.1% per transaction through their platforms .

Roqueiro said that CEZA received 70 applications from cryptocurrency exchanges. In the near future, the authorities will continue issuing licenses, as 6 applicants have already paid a license fee. In addition to the above requirements, the exchanges registered in a special to Open Office at Malta

Country made another step froward to leadership in blockchain industry
16 August 2018   119

Fifth in terms of the daily trading volumee exchange announced plans to open a representative office in Malta. This is reported by CCN.

Secretary of the Malta Parliament for Digital Innovation and Finance Silvio Schembri said that the opening of will be another step in the country's leadership in the blockchain industry.

At first, the Maltese branch of will offer customers only cryptocurrency exchange, and subsequently also plans to add support for the currency. will be the third exchange in Malta, following the offices of Binance and Bitbay, which offers the exchange of digital currencies for fiat money.

Malta is perhaps the world’s most progressive and forward-thinking nation in DLT, crypto and fintech, and we are very excited to be part of the Blockchain Island. We are confident we will be able to announce our live operations soon.

Jimmy Zhao


Zhao said that he was invited to Malta by his business partners and met with government officials to discuss the possibility of opening a representative office.

According to CoinMarketCap, the volume of deals on for the last 24 hours was areoud $ 267M. The most popular trading pairs on the platform are BTC / USDT, Dash / USDT, Qtum / USDT and ETH / USDT.