PhpStorm 2018.2 to be Available

The new version brought improved support for PHP, web technologies and tools
30 July 2018   1038

The second major update of the PhpStorm development environment by JetBrains was released under the number 2018.2. The new version brought improved support for PHP, web technologies and tools, as well as general performance improvements and fixes.

Key features of PhpStorm 2018.2:

PHP Language

  • Custom postfix completion templates
  • FQCN completion
  • Structural Search and Replace for PHP
  • Improved SQL Injections
  • The new presentation for Quick Documentation
  • Jumping outside closing bracket/quote with Tab
  • New Inspections and Quick Fixes

PHP Refactorings

  • Move Instance Method Refactoring
  • New Add @method tag quick fix for Undefined method
  • Add method quick fix now inserts parameter type hints

PHP Tools

  • Simple CodeSniffer/MessDetector setup
  • PHPUnit composite configuration

HTTP Client

  • Support for environment variables in the request body
  • Support for POST request body formatting

The previous update to the IDE PhpStorm was released in the spring of 2018. In version 2018.1, developers focused on improving code handling and testing.

Hackers to Use XSS Vulnerability in WP Plugin

Online stores are the victims of hacker attacks, but the patch is already available
14 March 2019   166

Hackers install backdoors on websites of online stores through XSS vulnerability in WordPress plugin. Only administrators and privileged users can use the plugin - this allows you to run malicious code with high-level rights.

The plugin Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce has more than 20 thousand downloads, it is widely distributed. The developers have already released a patch in version 5.2.