PhpStorm Got New Version

Popular PHP IDE received version 2018.3 with a lot of new features and updates
23 November 2018   405

JetBrains, specializing in the creation of IDE, announced the release of the final version of PhpStorm 2018.3. This cross-platform product is developed on the basis of the IntelliJ IDEA platform and is intended for development in the PHP scripting language.

The updated development environment works with PHP 7.3. Developers have improved support for DQL (Doctrine Query Language), a query language focused on the project's object model. DQL compiles requests for receiving or modifying data using user-created class names and fields. The IDE version for early access simply highlighted the lines of the code with the requests; in the final, full navigation and editing was implemented.

For PHPDoc, the concept of intersection (Intersection Types) was added, allowing variables to belong to several types at the same time. Improved some refactoring tools. HTTP requests can now be generated using run. The debugger was provided with the ability to search for variables.

When working with PHPUnit, you can automatically generate the setUp and tearDown methods used when running tests. This solution will speed up the work with the code.

JetBrains specialists have expanded the possibilities for working with the GitHub repositories. In PhpStorm 2018.3 a tool has been added for the management of pull request that allows you to view and sort them. Fixed IDE work with submodules: now when cloning a project, they are saved correctly.

The new development environment contains tools for automatically correcting the code and bringing it to industry standards, such as PSR-2. For this, the developers have included the PHP CS Fixer utility in PhpStorm 2018.3. Settings even allow you to define your own standards for the code.

Improved IDE interface itself. Implemented new search features, added new color schemes. Todo, an operator that generates a task list, like the example of similar tools in JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, CSS, and HTML can now include several lines.

To work with databases, the developers reworked the code supporting these modules and included NoSQL DBMS Apache Cassandra and relational PostgreSQL into the system.

The previous version of IDE was released in July 2018. Then the developers added custom postfix fill patterns and reworked the structured search and replace.

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PEAR to be Hacked

Hackers managed to change the "go pear.phar"; a lot of users' systems can be compromised
21 January 2019   1176

Traces of hacking of the official repository of packages PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository), offering additional functions and classes for the PHP language, are reported. During the attack, the attackers managed to gain access to the project’s web server and make changes to the "go pear.phar" file, which contains the installation package with the go pear package manager. The modification was carried out 6 months ago.

The systems of PHP users who have installed the go-pear package manager from the phar archive for the last 6 months can potentially be compromised (as a rule, this installation is practiced by Windows users). To check for the presence of malicious code in the installed file, it is recommended to compare the hashes of the user's go-pear.phar  archive with a similar version of the archive delivered through the official repository on GitHub (the repository on GitHub is not compromised, the file has been changed to the PEAR web server). The MD5 hash of the known variant with the malicious code is "1e26d9dd3110af79a9595f1a77a82de7".

Details are not reported. Until the completion of the proceedings and the complete reassembly of the contents of the site, PEAR server operation was stopped.