Pix2pix Neural Network to Work in Real Time

Pix2pix is neural network that creates photos based on the user's sketch
16 August 2018   2588

Developer Zaid Alyafeai of the University of Oil and Fossils named by King Fahd created a browser version of the pix2pix system - it turns the user's sketches into photographs in real time. While the service can only redraw the cats, the facades of buildings and shoes. 

The TensorFlow.js library loads a neural network model on the user's computer - this allows to conduct calculations on the user's device. While drawing shoes or cats, the user draws a detail of the image, and the system turns it into a "photo" in real time.


When drawing the houses, the algorithm splits the image into areas with objects of different types. For example, a roof or window will have different colors.


Specialists from the University of California at Berkeley introduced the pix2pix algorithm based on a generative-competitive network in 2016. Initially, the authors created a system that needed to be deployed on a computer. Third-party specialists could transfer it to the browser, but the algorithm took as input only a complete sketch and worked on the server, so the service was shut down. The source code is available at GitHub.

Frontend News Digest 14 - 20.09

20 September 2019   197

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Frontend news digest.

In this digest, beginners can learn about CSS Grid, skilled coders may learn about, for example, what's new in Chrome 77 for developers, difference between axion and fetch() API and many other stuff.


Good overview on grips with Grid.

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It’ll only be a couple of years before we reach Chrome 100 and it seems Firefox wants a piece of the action :-) Firefox’s release cadence will be moving from approx 6-8 weeks per version to just 4 from Firefox 71 onward.

Chrome 77 is rolling out to users now. Here, Pete LePage dives in to what’s new for developers in this latest version.

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Well, cool news for all frontenders, is suppose =)

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Ajax & Fetch can help you with that, learn how exactly.

  • Source-maps could be revealing your private project files

Article on a possible vulnerability, beware!

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Article, which is written to give you the better understanding of both APIs.