Poloniex customer sold the exchange's vulnerability

Poloniex customer sold the information about the exchange's bug for support's ignoring
17 August 2017   1277

The Poloniex crypto-exchange trader under the nickname Poloniex2FASucks detected a bug in the platform security system and then sold the information about it, as he was ignored by the support's team. He shares his history on Reddit.

As the user reports, he managed to easily bypass the two-factor authentication when withdrawing funds from the exchange account:

I managed to withdraw cryptocurrencies from an account without having access to the 2FA device, both for login and for withdrawal confirmation. I withdrew from an account that I picked, having access to the password from a leaked database. ... You open your emails in a client that provides those "preview" images, you've confirmed your outgoing transaction by opening the email. 

Poloniex2FASucks on reddit.com

According to the post, the customer wrote a letter to the Poloniex support service about the vulnerability found, but even after 60 days he did not receive a response.

I'm guessing they have no interest in fixing it, and that it is intentional. 

Poloniex2FASucks on reddit.com

A bit later, it has been reported that the information about the vulnerability was sold.

Finally, Poloniex2FASucks notes that other customers should not trust the company their funds as it can not even implement two-factor authentication on the platform and correctly configure the robots.txt file. He also advises all Poloniex users to withdraw their funds from the stock exchange as soon as possible.

Swansea Hosts Blockchain and Distributed Energy Conference

The BEW'18, which will be held on February 19, 2018 in Swansea, UK, is a must-attend for people who are interested in the cutting edge of blockchain
19 February 2018   214

The Blockchain Energy Wales'18 Conference will be held on February 19, 2018 in Swansea, United Kingdom.

The conference will introduce Klenergy and their Pylon Network, which is a decentralised energy exchange platform powered by renewable energy. The BEW'18 is a must-attend for people who are interested in the cutting edge of blockchain, distributed energy, peer2peer and smart technology.

BEW conference location swanseaBEW'18 Exact Location

Location: TechHub Swansea, 221 Stryd Fawr, Swansea SA1 1NW, UK
Time: from 9AM to 1.30PM

The headline speakers include Paul Harwood, Basicincome supporter and advocate, and David Clubb, director of RUKCymru and head of digital RenewableUK.

The agenda of the conference is as follows: Blockchain technology and its application in the energy sector, future of blockchain wallet systems, buildings as power stations, building the open-source co-operation protocol for the energy sector, and more.