Poloniex to Go Offline For Maintenance

Exchange says nothing will happen to the assets, open orders won't be cancelled and open margin positions won't be touched during this update
06 June 2019   661

Today, on Thursday, June 6, the Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange will go offline for several hours due to the technical work that will begin at 14:00 UTC.

We expect this to take several hours. During that time Poloniex will be offline and trading will be suspended. Assets on the exchange will be secure during maintenance. We do not plan to cancel open orders. When Poloniex is back online, markets will be in post-only mode for a short time before we reopen trading. During this time, you can cancel open orders and create new orders, but no orders will be filled. Open margin positions will not be affected during this upgrade. They will remain open. After the site is back online, we will open markets in post-only mode. After the order books have refilled, we will reopen trading. After prices have stabilized, we will resume margin calls, and will then begin automated liquidations for accounts breaching maintenance margin requirements a short while after margin calls have resumed.

Poloniex at Twitter

Some time ago Circle, operator of the Poloniex exchange, cut 10% of staff due to tight regulation of the crypto industry in the United States.

SEC Chairman to Speak About BTC Listing

It looks like Bitcoin listing on the tradional exchanges won't happen in the nearest future
20 September 2019   171

Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Jay Clayton said that bitcoin needs more regulation for listing on large exchanges. It is reported by CNBC.

If [investors] think there’s the same rigor around that price discovery as there is on the Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange ... they are sorely mistaken. We have to get to a place where we can be confident that trading is better regulated.

Jay Clayton

Chairman, SEC

He was talking about listing conditions for bitcoin itself, and not derivatives, such as CME futures.