Poloniex refused to support Bitcoin Gold

According to official statement of cryptocurrency exchange, BTG won't be supported unless it had implemented replay protection
24 October 2017   4085

Popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange released statement regarding the BTG hardfork.

We've stated in the past that the safety of our users' tokens is our chief concern. As such, we have refused to support a forked token unless it had implemented replay protection. We would like to further urge our users to be immensely cautious of any token that expects to be given private keys that control value on another blockchain. This is dangerous and unnecessary, even for an alt like BTG that seeks to distribute tokens using the state of an existing blockchain.

Poloniex Statement

Additionally, Poloniex released reminders that apply to all balance-duplicating alts:

  1. If you wish to be guaranteed tokens distributed according to existing blockchain address balances, you should keep your tokens in addresses for which you control the private keys.
  2. If Poloniex credit accounts with forked tokens, they will do so according to balances at the time of the fork. If you have tokens on loan at the time of any fork related to that token, they are not in your balance, therefore you will not receive any forked tokens for them.
  3. Under no circumstances will we redeem tokens distributed according to the balances of addresses that contain customer funds and keep them for ourselves. Should we redeem them, we would only do so to distribute them to our users.


Poloniex Disclosed Airdrop Winners Info Accidentally

The exchange showed the emails of the winners, and expert believes it may make their accounts more vulnerable
20 January 2020   155

The Poloniex crypto-exchange decided to notify the winners of the airdrop via Twitter, partially revealing their email addresses. Only an hour later, the site realized that it had put their accounts at risk, and deleted the message.

FFS Poloniex just doxxed a user. Don’t use this exchange, it’s run by clowns. 



Bitcoin influencer

The incident also caught the attention of MyCrypto.com, an open source client tool for creating Ether wallets.

Sec Folks, If your marketing team or any team is excempt from security training or oversight, call out & gtfo. This is crypto. Marketing Folks, YOU ANNOUNCE WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO MAKE THE LOSERS SHUT UP NOT TO NOTIFY THE WINNERS. Poloniex, You died last year bro go home.



Unbound Tech's vice president of products, Oz Mishli, said that one of the risks associated with the leak of an email identifier could make it easier for fraudsters to access victims' accounts.