Poloniex to Support Both Bitcoin Cash Chains

Bitcoin Cash may split on 2 chain after upcoming hardfork
07 November 2018   620

The cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex intends to support both Bitcoin Cash chains, which may appear after the network upgrade planned for November 15.

For the upcoming November 15th upgrade, two competing development teams have proposed different network consensus rules that are incompatible with each other: the “SV” implementation and the “ABC” implementation. We believe the responsible thing for an exchange to do is remain neutral, and allow the community to decide which chain to support.  Therefore, we plan to support trading markets for both tokens.


On November 15 there will hardfork in Bitcoin Cash chain. However, there are two development teams that offer incompatible clients Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC.

Note that Coinbase, OKEx and Binance have already expressed support for the implementation of traditional Bitcoin ABC software.

Meanwhile, the rate of BCH over the past day has grown by more than 11% and is trading at around $ 630.

GMO Internet to Report on BTC Mining Increase

Additionally GMO completely stopped mining Bitcoin Cash; in November 2017, it mined 400 BCH coins
09 January 2019   299

Japanese IT giant GMO Internet Group has published a report, which reported an increase in the number of BTC companies.

The company also confirmed information about the termination of the production of its own equipment due to significant financial losses. In addition, GMO confirmed plans to transfer mining capacities to regions with cheap energy prices and the possibility of switching to alternative energy sources.

During last December GMO mined 960 BTC. This is almost a third more than in November 2018. Also, this indicator is 45 times higher than the volume of extracted bitcoins during December 2017, when the company was just starting the mining business.

On the other hand, GMO completely stopped mining Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Note that in November 2017, the company mined 400 coins of this fork of Bitcoin.

Last December, the GMO mining hashrate was 670 PH / s, which is 30 times more than a year ago.

The company also announced that it will now provide reports quarterly.