PowerShell to be Available at Linux Now

The tool is based on the .NET platform and works not only on the desktop, but also in the cloud, as well as on the "IoT" devices
23 July 2018   700

The open source command-line shell from Microsoft called PowerShell Core received a snap-version for Linux OS. The tool is based on the .NET platform and works not only on the desktop, but also in the cloud, as well as on the "Internet of things" devices.

PowerShell is designed specifically for administrators of hybrid cloud systems and users who want to automate the management of the operating system and its programs.


PowerShell Key Features

Self-sufficient packages in the snap format work natively on popular Linux distributions, are updated automatically and provide a high level of security for users. According to the authors of the project, the snap-version is installed easier than classic applications, receives direct updates from Microsoft and provides flexibility when working with multiple operating systems.

Microsoft also published a preview version of the program for everyone who wants to try out the new features first. It is distributed as a separate package, so it can be used along with a stable release.

You can download both versions with the snap install powershell -classic and snap install powershell-preview -classic commands.

ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3 Available

JetBrains work hard to make .NET coders happy - learn more about the latest and last 2018 update of popular tool
20 December 2018   574

JetBrains released last 2018 update for its .NET tools. In particular, the ReSharper Ultimate  received automatic annotation of arguments and definition of the code format, as well as TypeScript 3.0 support and earlier - Visual Studio 2019.

When calling methods, the code editor now annotates the value of the argument with the parameter name. This allows you to better understand what it is responsible for.

The developers have configured automatic detection and "alignment" of the code format. In addition, there was an autodetection of the style of the names used. Typically, ReSharper follows the naming conventions proposed by Microsoft. However, now, if the developer deviates from them, the editor himself adapts to the new principles and does not display warnings about the mismatch of names.

To simplify unit testing, the JetBrains team added a set of code verification methods with quick edits and tips for further actions depending on the context. In order for ReSharper to comply with information processing standards (FIPS, USA), the developers abandoned the md5 hashing algorithm and eliminated all cases of its use in the editor code.

Other key features:

  • ReSharper C ++: improved code refactoring, support for C ++ / CLI, work of Go to Declaration and Search Everywhere commands, error detection in templates.
  • dotCover: improved filter system. Now they are divided into two groups - runtime filters and result filters.
  • dotTrace: added tool integration to JetBrains Rider. Now you can configure and run profiling sessions, take snapshots and analyze them in the built-in viewer.
  • dotMemory: added a new condition for snapshot - if the amount of memory used exceeds a certain number of megabytes.
  • dotPeek: added support for decompiling more C # 7.x functions and copying the fully qualified name (FQN) character to the clipboard.

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